This Is Not A Campaign - Election

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January 2019
SIC Notícias: This Is Not A Campaign - Election


SIC Notícias is the Portuguese leading news channel. For its repositioning, we created a new brand concept and the launch campaign signature based on the most controversial themes of the day. Subjects that divided the public were approached from different perspectives, providing the viewer a complete and effective context for the whole story.

Print advertisement created by Moon, Portugal for SIC Notícias, within the category: Media.


This Is Not An Election
This is a shock.
This is democracy.
This is a surprise.
This is the majority of votes.
This is a divided country.

To stay informed you need to learn the whole story.

Advertising Agency: Moon, Lisboa, Portugal
Creative Director: Tiago Rebelo
Art Director: Antonio Duarte
Copywriter: Sara Sezifredo
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