Living Room

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October 2011
Shera:  Living Room


Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Thailand for Shera, within the category: House, Garden.

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Nice art!

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Absolutely love it! It's good to see Ogilvy BKK back at the top of their game.

Only slight critique is i'd like to know more information about how the product actually works and how much it costs. If the ad incorporated this information then it'd be a 9 or even maybe a 10 from me.

Other than that it's a great campaign!

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That's not necessary. There's the website, we can check the product and prices there.

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That's exactly the opposite thing they should do. Less is more.
It's not about throwing the whole kitchen sink in. It's a brand campaign, not some trade insert.

Nice thought. Well executed. Dig it.

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You know, that's not a bad idea, however, everyone else has a point. That's what the website is for. If this were 10-15 years ago then you'd be spot on.

That One Guy
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agreed, at least they didnt put an ugly QR code on there to the site though

Ron Burgundy
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well great idea...brilliant execution i would say

haroon ch
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really nice and innovative !

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Loving this one.

Nike Diesel
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Like it

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Smart idea-well executed

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Top notch!!

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The campaign is nice as in well executed. It's not innovative though. This was like a first thought.

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This one in particular bothers me.

One might understand that these walls are good to hide domestic violence.

They could have thought of another situation, couldn't they?

And I'm not a big fan of the packshot either.

But the concept is great!

terry phillips
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EXACTLY my thoughts... all of them.

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great text.

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Clever! Well done!

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Seems like there's two ideas in here. Showing the speech bubbles not being able to penetrate a window would be one idea. Showing a wall where a window should be is another idea unto itself that works without the speech bubbles.

(Also, I am in the market for a new window right now and I prefer ads that actually show pictures of windows.)

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Oops... I thought this was for windows (since the title says it's for windows). It's for walls. In that case, these are good. But I am biased because I am very pro-domestic violence.

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Taylormade is FOR domestic violence? Is that what you meant to say? That is a point though: IS this ad about windows or walls? The title says it's for sound-proof windows but the ad implies that they are sound-proofed walls.

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Nice art and clever idea.

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goo, really good.

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I like the simplicity of the ad, it makes it stand out from the others. Very unique.

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I sort of agree with Atb, as it being the first thought, but sometimes running with that insticnt isn't wrong, and I think works in this case. I like it.
At the end of the day (can't believe I'm using that worn out phrase ) it makes you look for the ad's reason, and when you read "sound proof wall.." you get it.
A big plus is that you can have a campaign with lots of copy options.

Phil Indeblanc
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The title of this ad is confusing people: It says sound-proofed windows which would make the ad off-point. Since the logo is so small it is easy to miss the fact that this is about sound-proofed walls, but that makes much more sense for the ad. This concept is very effective visually in making the point that the walls don't let loud noises penetrate, but I would question what market this is aimed for. Most general public ads wouldn't publish it with the swearing, and the context does imply that there is domestic violence being committed. That would eliminate even more markets. These advertisors have a similar ad thumbnail posted below this one and that ad eliminates most if not all of these criticisms.

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no this is not good , why they are using *son of a bitch* ? at first i thought its an awareness ad for violence against women

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