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Well... sort of nice. But just sort of.

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I personally love Sushi, and the stark simplicity talks to me. Love the six pack and I associate with the shark as I want to have such a six pack. :)

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I once went to an aquarium on a Monday morning when very few people were around and I caught a shark using an AbFlex. But as soon as it spotted me admiring its stamina, it swam away. It had the "tell-anyone-and-you're-shark-food" look on its face as it looked back at me...

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If this campaign were an attempt to scoop some medals at the award shows, I am sad to say it failed miserably.

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The sushi may be really fresh, but the ad is really stale. The line seems weak. Was the copywriter away on vacation?

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No wonder Chris Jaques left the agency!

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