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April 2010
Shangri La Lingerie:  Onions


In Swedish there are many synonyms for the word breasts. For example; onions, melons, rack, steering wheels and bombs.

Print advertisement created by the others., Sweden for Shangri La Lingerie, within the category: Fashion.


Shangri La - Lovely lingerie for all shapes and sizes.

Advertising Agency: the others., Gothenburg/Stockholm/Karlstad, Sweden
Art Directors: Katrin Moström, Fredrik Ternström, Jeppe Blomgren
Copywriter: Åsa Jernfält
Web director: Damir Franciskovic
Interactive designer: Jaroslav Karlsson
Account manager: Johanna Englund
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atb2005's picture

Lingerie is not just bras.. and these images mean just "breasts". Tagline is good! It also nicely ties in with the visuals. Still, I am not a fan of this campaign. The whole object-stands-for-something concept has been way overused. It's funny I was looking today at this Durex campaign, out of Italy, that did something similar, but there we had wieners, balls, bone(r)s, etc.

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Adaddicted's picture

I would prefer melons instead! Sweet and juicy ; )

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mosho's picture

i think if the two onions in the same line aligned as the breasts it would've be better to me :)

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Mohamed El Mahdy

Phil Lestino's picture

I think a pair of tits in lovely lingerie would have been better for me....onions are sad they make me weep.

Phil Lestino
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xcreativity's picture

a little bit more obvious..

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Alexandre Brito
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theothers's picture

In the short rationale it is stated that the names of these objects (onions, melons, steering wheels, bombs, rack, etc) are synonyms for breasts in Swedish. So the idea isn't strange at all. It's just a way of communicating a lingerie brand in a tongue-in-cheek way, without showing any products.

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Art Director
art one's picture

seen all 3..... all in all.... FAIL!

art one
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alejulimaty's picture

i´m just surpirsed they call breasts "onions". the campaign sucks.

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brother buenos aires
silvi's picture

Sorry, but this campaign is not selling me the product. SELL is the FIRST mission of advertising. Am i Wrong?

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K P's picture

Onions is another word for boobs i swedish.

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rolling.stone's picture

i can buy a bit steering wheels (since that could indicate,. SL drives you to pleasure

but i cant but this one, onion makes me weep

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Riander's picture

Terrible, i dont like it...Think tits like onions!!! OMG!!! Please NOT!!!

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Critic's picture

I liked the steering wheels.

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