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It took me a minute to finally look down at the logo and see the mention of ABS Brakes.

Hmmmmm...as a coveter of Harleys and hopefully a future owner of one, I don't like being categorized as someone who would slam on my brakes during an open highway drive for a sex shop.

Besides, all the best sex toys can be found online. ;)

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In the past 10 or 15 years H.D. has tooled their advertising to be more “white collar” friendly. Attorney’s, Doctor’s, Insurance Salespeople. Judges. All enjoy owning and riding a Harley. I thought HD was trying to get away from this very kind of message.
Not very interesting work. Doesn’t say anything about the product that couldn’t be said more enticingly

MADE in the USA
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I see a nice idea for ABS breaks. This ad is stronger for any other brand (Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, etc) except Harley Davidson.

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