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June 2012
Senokot:  Hitler


Constipation can be frustrating, maddening, trying, irritating and aggravating. If a person was constantly constipated and felt these emotions all the time, it would be safe to say they wouldn’t be the best person in the world. Luckily Senokot can relieve the worst cases of constipation and could even help an anally retentive dictator. When we see the most terrible dictators of history, we see images of cold men that seem frustrated and aggravated. Seeing these men with a very different facial expression than we are used to seeing, we showcase the effectiveness of Senokot.

Print advertisement created by Euro RSCG, South Africa for Senokot, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Gentle and Effective Relief of Constipation

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb
Creative Director: Fiona O'Connor
Art Director: Nicolas Kostouros
Illustrator: Nicolas Kostouros
Photographer: Adam Mchonnachie
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shahidali's picture

I like the connection between a dictator and the constipation. But donno why, don't feel comfortable with the images of Hitler or other dictators being used for this purpose. Feels like I've other points too prove also.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


Guidos's picture

How ignorant can you be to use such characters in a funny composition??
It's just so damn stupid

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AnyoneCan's picture

Total lack of common sense, decency... I wonder how a brand / agency can even come up with that.
So Hitler killed 6 millions jews because he was constipated? Are you freaking dumb or just an imbecile?
Let's take this print the other way around : people constipated are little dictator?

What's the strategy? I'm just baffled. I wonder what Séguéla thinks about this.

Can we give a negative score?

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Guidos's picture

the stupidness is more emphasized since its a SOUTH AFRICAN ad.
why didn't they use Daniel Malan, the responsible for apartheid?

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bate_palmas's picture

Malan isn't a well known face like Hitler dude.
I'm Jewish and I don't find this offensive at all.

I find it funny, but kinda cheap.

Stupid advert that virtually anyone can think of. YOu dont exactly have to be a star creative to develop this thought.

It belongs in the Chip Shop Awards.

I doubt very much this ever ran.

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Guidos's picture

A: obviously malan isn't as known, I was being cynical. It was just to emphasize how absurd is it for a south african ad to be about someone like hitler.
B: I'm jewish as well, and I totally find this disrespectful to our people to use this image with a funny context

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Richa Agrawal's picture

Complete crap.

Richa Agrawal
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silvertongue's picture

Belongs in a student's book. A bad, bad student's book.

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Temple's picture

This is a no no and should not even be here. Ivan, take note.

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Creative Director
lemonAd's picture

We had this idea when we were attending the advertising school. It was shortly rejected by out tutors.

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when life gives you lemons make a lemonade stand.

Statler and Waldorf's picture

Tell that to the families of the holocaust victims, can we have the whole team arrested for insensitivity

Statler and Waldorf
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mertos's picture


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Creative Director
blacksmurf's picture

please, stop hitler commercials...

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Art Director |

easy to say "art director".

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