Secret energy, 1

September 2007
 Secret energy, 1
 Secret energy, 1




Asafa Powell is the only man on the Earth capable to run the 100 meters in only 9,74 seconds. The secret of its energy can not be found in a laboratory test but in the nearest market.

Advertising Agency: Magnetica, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Christian Mayer, Fernando Rodriguez
Creative Director: Mariela la Rocca
Art Director: Andres Benavides
Copywriter: Juan Sasiain
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Tenders's picture

Interesting advert and I don't think nothing new in terms of promoting a food or drink that makes one stronger, faster, better etc. There's been loads of this in the past - either by association or claims. One that comes to mind is Lucasade here in the UK which was always associated with Sport in its advertising. Ultimately there's nothing particularly healthy that I can see with it, but this is the image which has held with most people

fractalrene's picture

I think that there are too many elements in the layout. The doping results, the picture, the story and the product shot... all this together make the ad for dummies.

If you can tell the whole story with just a line, the product shot and a picture, you will have something nicer. The use of celebrities is ok (am not a particular fan of borrowed interests), but I think that you can tell the story in some other way, for example, maybe the Guinness Book of Records with a lot of post-it notes as bookmarks, or something else that tells you that you can do more (and more activities than just sports) with the extra energy provided by the brownie, I mean more activities that everyone can relate to them.

Give it a try, take it one step farther away.

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