Green flames

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March 2008
Seat:  Green flames


Print advertisement created by Atletico, Spain for Seat, within the category: Automotive.


The SEAT Leon Ecomotive. Mean but green.

Advertising Agency: Atletico International, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director: Jason Bramley, Jonny Biggins
Executive Creative Director: Arndt Dallmann
Art Director: Amrit Jandu
Copywriter: Ben Carson
Designers: Daniel Mascarenhas, Diego Ghirardo
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RIZLA's picture

dont send this to any festival in the world please

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YR |


Guest commenter's picture

whats your real name so we can look out for your work? would b nice to see some stuff.

Guest commenter
marcel7's picture

The car doesn't look mean at all. The leaves and plants either. So why mean?

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whitespace's picture

i suppose by 'mean' they mean average.

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Creative Director
kurtberengeiger's picture

I think it's pretty ok. Not "WOW", but good bread & butter work.

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SeanMartin's picture

Man, you guys hate everything today? C'mon, this is a good ad. It takes an aspect of car decoration everyone knows and turns it on its ear -- in case someone missed the memo, the plants *arent* supposed to "look mean", just parodying the flame effect you usually see.

Nice work, well done. No, not festival work -- but given that most of that is garbage anyway, so much the better.

tantrik_indian's picture

No mention how it is 'green'. Just because it has some shrubs painted on it?

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Copywriter |

~~this paranoid survived!~~

TariqA's picture

by far the best out of the series... i think its pretty good despite all the moaning above...

Guest commenter's picture

This has been done.

Guest commenter
Guest commenter's picture

by your mum no doubt!

Guest commenter
Guest commenter's picture

sweet. i like the christmas ad also. made me laugh as i was cleaning the crumbs off my bosses shoes. by the way, he's a she! :)

Guest commenter
fat boy's picture

Well, if you take into consideration that all car ads have been tarnished by th time of print, this is a super ad. Dont think Ive ever seen a white car on a white background. A stand out ad. Well done for that alone. But its very coooool on its own merit!

fat boy
Rav's picture

Love the idea, a mean car with a green heart, thats the way forward nowadays.

Guest commenter's picture

nice concept... like the green flames, vines. If i saw this on the street, I wud stop and stare. Although, it needs bigger alloys on it.

Guest commenter
Guest commenter's picture

slick graphic. well made. balanced in colour, hard to miss. yeah, i like this one a lot.

Guest commenter
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sexy. and green in its execution.

Guest commenter
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