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Something wrong with the copy? Don't quite understand it.
What movies' characters have to do with gaming? Do these characters developed in games before?


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Ok, i think it's not the good question alvinpck :

I was just watching this ad and i think it's not bad because it's hard to talk about illegal version of CD's , you know that it is very difficult to move away this boring universe of "punishment" ....

So, they made focus of danger for consumers to use it.... "you will let enter some spyware that can know were you are, what you do at the moment...."
In the collective unconscious, only serial killer talk like that ...
What more funny to suggest serial killer's speech, that represent the most frightening serial killers of them, like freddy, ghost face (this one), and the chainsaw massacer ?

So, i think, it's not a bad reverse to take this speech to dissuade consumers to use illegal copy...

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Actually i think is terrible because they are lying. And this is not a new speech. In the 90s the rumor that said the illegal vhs to brake vcrs was planted by the owners of distribution and copy of movies.
Later with copy cds, they said that they "brake your computer" nothing further from the truth. Now spyware. Is true that SOME copies may carry spyware, but they are quite few.

Even so, spyware its common in pc. Its inevitable, the only thing of privacy we have in internet is the illusion of it. EA Sports game rate the reactions to advertising in the game by spyware, Battlefield2 did the same thing, quake wars the same. They are all infringin our right to privacy.

I think this ad is hipocritical.

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The ad is not at all bad, the concept is really good.But why to use that character for a serial killer in execution(as you seid that, its a seria killer)?.I think this is what even Mr. alvinpck was asking. For me also its a bit of confusing.

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maybe they want to give an impact when they make you compare the pirated software with the punishment of the serial killer upon you... i think it works well and its built on a good insight.. lovely campaign , well done...

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Yeah, you are currect.Its scary!!.

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This is just a result of a post-post modern world, im sick of seeing things re-cycled... over and over... and over!

Im not getting this campaign at all! Sorry :)

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i dint get the copy of this one and its relation with the picture

hanoch john samuel
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