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March 2008
Scholl:  Rock


Print advertisement created by Lowe, Thailand for Scholl, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Supon Khaotong
Creative Directors: Supon Khaotong
Art Directors: Asawin Techasakulsin, Supon Khaoton
Copywriters: Kittinan Sawasdee, Krai Kittikorn
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crazylegz's picture

don't get it.

Activity Score 92
Oxfam Hong Kong
loader's picture

this one is the best of all three.
very cool.

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Copywriter at Pristop
sodomy's picture

เยี่ยมมากคร้าบ Interesting picture. I love the concept too.

Activity Score 262
student academy of art university [advertising]
crazylegz's picture

don't get it.

Activity Score 92
Oxfam Hong Kong
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

Me neither. And I don't want any forced explanations of the product benefit from anybody, either.
If you don't get it (supposing you are a person of an average intellect) it's not really your fault. It's theirs.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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ivan's picture

The benefits of the slippers is that they don't slip. They have a good grip. The visual says the guy has fallen but the slippers stay in place.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
krautland's picture

and how am I supposed to get that they don't slip?
this ad depends on people already knowing that.
I didn't. fail.

Activity Score 3182
Art Director at erm... no calls please.
ChuckNorris's picture

Are you from Bangkok?

Guess not.

I'm not either, but still get it. You are supposed to get that the sandals don't slip because the guy fell backwards but his sandals are still holding him. Quite a simple idea.

Sometimes we argue with marketers because they think the public is stupid, guess they are somehow right.

Activity Score 832
Creative Director
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

The guy fell backwards???

That's the last thing I understood from looking at every single one of these ads in the campaign! We all look at things differently. And that's probably one of the most difficult challenges of communicating to the masses. "You are supposed to get that..." yeah, but "suppose" if we didn't. Then what? Ohhhh, that's right, we're STUPID!

I don't think you should be so rash to brand the whole public that way just because the agency failed to clearly convey the message visually. Like some said, a line or two would have been extremely useful to help explain this very ambiguous image.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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ChuckNorris's picture

Who are you to say the public didn't get it?

You can only say YOU didn't get it.

Everyone in Bangkok might get it, who knows.

I still think it's pretty easy to get, as long as you make a little effort.

A line such as "Non-slippery sandals" would have ruined it, in my opinion.

You say the image in ambiguous, what else do you get from it?

I'm asking because the only message I can get, is the non slip thing.

Activity Score 832
Creative Director
giusbon's picture

sorry, but that image says "non slippery sandals" only if you already know the product promise. But if you don't, that image might mean something way different. The first thing I thought, for instance, as I first saw the "rock" image was "let your feet reach the top". That's why I think a line would've helped.

Activity Score 71
Copywriter at creative director
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

Who am I to say the public didn't get it? Just scroll up and down this page and count how many people had trouble with this ad. We're "public", too. Nobody can be sure how people in Bangkok responded to it. And if you think EVERYONE in Bangkok get it, I would LOVE some of that blind optimism in you. I can certainly use it.
Looking at the image, my very first thought was that this guy is trying to pull himself up over the ledge (crawl out of a manhole, etc.) but somehow he's using his feet to do it (I know it sounds ridiculous.) So the message of non-slip sandals totally eluded me because I couldn't even figure out what was going on in the first place.
They could've placed some personal effects (whatever this person might've been carrying or things like glasses) scattered around the feet to suggest accident. Then, it might've helped tell the story a little better. Right now, it's just open to so many interpretations making the ad not clear, let alone quick enough.

Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10669
speed's picture

You are so right, Chuck Norris, a line such as "Non-slippery sandals" would have ruined it because that's a shitty line. But a line from a great copywriter would have helped in this case.

What throws the message off is the preconceived notion that Scholl's is already famously known for their foot-care healing products, not grip. So without a line, the viewer is left to wonder how Scholl's are helping these feet in a podiatric way.

If you want to ignore the entire brand history of Scholl's, I guess you would come to the conclusion of "non-slip" eventually. Sorry, but give the general public a little more retention credit and that possibly, their minds might wander other places than grip, especially in the case of bunions, corns and calluses.

Activity Score 83
Commercial Photography
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

That's a very valid argument there. You don't associate Scholl's brand with active outdoor lifestyle. Their whole history is indeed about podiatric care. Why didn't I think of that?

Oh, I forgot, I'm STUPID.

Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10669
ChuckNorris's picture

Hey don't go there.

Who cares if we disagree about some campaign from fucking Bangkok.

Like they say: It's only advertising.


Activity Score 832
Creative Director
Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

Nobody cares.
And I still love you Chuck! But I just like arguing with people. You should know that by now. It's just my nature and I can't help it. : (

Big cheers right back at cha!!

Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10669
ChuckNorris's picture

Now that you explained it, I see why people don't get the ad.

I wasn't very familiar with the Scholl's brand, so didn't know much about the their positioning either.

From looking just at the ads, without any previous knowledge of Scholl's, I go the "grip" idea.

But who knows, maybe they only make sandals in Thailand. Or maybe this is just some fake stuff for awards.

I know "Non-slippery sandals" sucks, but lines with such structure are typical in visual ads.

Activity Score 832
Creative Director
klaussnow's picture

hmmm, i'm trying to figure out the rest of the body relative.....egads!

Activity Score 1635
Art Director |

... its already been done...'s picture

nice work
Activity Score 42
Illustrator at Intermarkets (WPP) Dubai,U.A.E |

Babar Azeem
Digital Retoucher

speed's picture

This has taken me way too long to figure out.

Is this not the case for a wee bit of copy?

Activity Score 83
Commercial Photography
giusbon's picture

don't get it. And don't like it. A line would've helped, I think.

Activity Score 71
Copywriter at creative director
Tincho's picture

Agree with Giusbon. Although you have the explanation of Ivan up there, its really hard to get, a line would make it much better.

Activity Score 1081
Art Director
arstewar's picture


Activity Score 232
Art Director
johnnyrod's picture

Looks to me they walked wonder they fell.

Activity Score 8
Director of Marketing
BadPhotoshop2me's picture

It looks like BAD UGLY PHOTOSHOP 2 me.

Activity Score 59
something about creativity
copycop's picture

I don't wanna be the guy who has fallen like this. Oups, bad for the legs... Thank you Scholl, for my broken legs, and for being stuck to the cliff with head down !

Maybe a good ad for an emergency kit, but a bad one for this product.

Activity Score 106
Enas's picture

i wander how did he fall in...the three ads????? unlogic position

Activity Score 739
Art Director |

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

whitespace's picture

three copywriters and not a single word?

would it kill them to just put 'no slip'?

what's up with ECDs who are also CDs?

why is the sky so high?

why did the bird shit in your eye?

Activity Score 1947
Creative Director
mrtalented's picture

who are also art director and copywriter?

Activity Score 2169
Creative Director
talay's picture

disgusting feet :)

Activity Score 266
mgemini creative works / istanbul
sodomy's picture

I'm not in bangkok, but I'm Thai.
I think I understand and my Thai friends get it too ^^.
Somehow, it's good to have a lot of opinion.

Activity Score 262
student academy of art university [advertising]
natesanmohan's picture

Good Idea, I like it.

Activity Score 25
Creative Director at VPS Healthcare |

Natesan Mohan

Hamberwick's picture

Advertisent made for advertisers. I think common people won't get it in a first or second looking, and that's bad cause we are not talking about art, but comunication. Too much charade.

ps: but when you get it, it turns nice!

Life has that kind of contradiction...

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I-know-all's picture

cannes.. silver!! ..ummm..thats right!!

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All ears's picture


All ears
Activity Score 233
Copywriter, London
LeeHarvey's picture

Gross visual

Activity Score 3029
Creative Director
fay-fly's picture

i get it,though i dont believe it:(

Activity Score 58
copy writer
Get-a-Fix's picture

Your best foot forward!


Activity Score 351
sold's picture

need a line

Activity Score 3373
capywriter's picture

not so difficult to understand, even without a line... I just don't like the situations... Whoever goes climbing mountains on slippers? Even if they are supposed to have super grip, everyone would prefer real climbing shoes. Because of that, for me only the one with the lake (diving?) works

Activity Score 5453
Copywriter at Freelance
wickedcheese's picture

rush job of the year!
and please, bottom line, the slippers are U.G.L.Y.

some interesting photoshopping to get about 5 seconds of viewer attention, another 5 minutes of trying to figure out what the hell the visual is trying to say, and FINALLY, a little less than 3 seconds to forget to check out the actual product in stores.

even the company logo's taken leave. i don't think scholl would be rather thrilled.
no company would be. we all like to show off.

i much prefer thai tv commercials.

Activity Score 84
Graphic Designer at Plum Ideas
androginiest's picture

it's a good concept, but still need a line..

Activity Score 20
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