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:( sorry, i don't get it agian. anybody can help?

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u r right jenny. and don'y blame if you do not get it ever. you will not be missing anything in your life. except for your sanity, perhaps.
shit ideation. pathetic conceptualization. nice art but.

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gifted? hmmm..

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i'm not so sure, but this is what i think.

what the man's going to say will actually makes his wife so mad.
but, as he give her this jewellery, it'd be fine.

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but it will be a little hard to get the idea without knowing the name of the ad.

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Thank you :), now i got it..haha. but as for the concept, not for me :P.

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RIGHT. I get it now, but was lost withough BozzaNova. (cheers)

Therefore it is pap; I don't have BozzaNova with me when i walk past ads in the morning.

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atulspande's picture

awesome ! really awesome !! and those who are not getting it are really a highclass stupid.
don,teven know about sweet-salty relations between husband and wife.

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atul - there is no need to be rude.

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highclass stupid? haha. perhaps i am, because i don't even get marriage yet.
this doesn't work for young generation i guess. btw, nvm, they're not targeting youth as well.

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yeah, even I think its awesome!

For people who don't get it, look at the other executions. He says her things that should make her mad at him, but he dares to say it with her fav jewellery.

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i get it, probably cause im so jealous and would've kicked my husband
for saying those things.

hahaha, dont know if the jewerly would've worked though....

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I get it, but I still don't impress with the whole idea. Bad, bad and bad thougt. It's not clever concept.

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yes they are easy to get, but they're very first level thinking and extremely boring.

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what a stereotype. the husband does something that will upset his wife, if he buys her something, she will be more forgiving. nice marriage. who needs communication when you can just buy pretty things for your wife and all will be forgiven.
hear that guys? you can just buy your way out of all your problems. good luck with that... what is this, the 1940's?

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was the layout copied from DeBeers on purpose?

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common families are the audience. does it work?

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Pros are loyal lovers.

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gifted? tenses, shouldn't it be gave?

sorry if im stating the obvious

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Indian spell checker??

Scam Detector
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needs a period

PaulyG_fill in ...
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Definitely a De Beers rip off for the art direction - but that's about all. De Beers ads actually made sense. These are all over the place.

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