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August 2009
Save the Children:  Employee of the Month
Save the Children Print Ad -  Employee of the Month


Print advertisement created by Marked for Trade, India for Save the Children, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


We can’t let this happen even one more month. Child labour is more than a problem. It’s an epidemic affecting 13 million children in India under 14 years old. Work for those being forced to work.

Advertising Agency: Marked for Trade, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Phil Jones
Copywriter: Ryan Coleman
Photographer: Armando Bellmas
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Overall great idea and good execution.

Grace Bastien
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i likey...

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Nice. Art direction could’ve been pushed a tad more. Shorter kids try various things to get their face into the frame – a touch of those attempts would have made the ad more interesting I guess...

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Creative Director at Advertising
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Overall great idea and good execution.

Grace Bastien
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advertising agency
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Good job Phil.

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Great job, simple and clear, congrats

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good job.

Ed Mintone
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Its very nice photo.
Don't spend too much(above Thousand/ month) for street children!!
Just Join in www.a4add.com to avoid children labor.
www.a4add.com will spend money(Crores / month) to children.

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not that it matters (except to an indian reading the ad) but saira banu was a famous indian movie star from the 70s.

wish the creative team had done a little bit more research that doing a random search of indian names online. would have legitimised the message more i feel. because when i read it, the name brought a smile to my face- not the appropriate response! also, some of the names are actual names of friends i have on facebook, hehe.

however, i guess it depends on who the target audience is...

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simple and nice

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great :) I like it

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Sweatshops and other establishments in India that employ children, wouldn't even be familiar with a concept like 'employee of the month". Will this really move people to action? I seriously doubt it.
This is almost demeaning to those children who are forced to work for a living.

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:-) Good idea and execution. However 13 millions is a pretty conservative figure because it's much more than that. The other little technicality that was overlooked is that children with those surnames are unlikely to be the victims. But I can understand because no member of the team is of Indian origin. Not a big issue though, just a technicality but in precise communication as this, they sometimes matter.

Dev Kumar
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Copywriter at Mumbai
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something's mssg in an otherwise good concept.

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Creative Director at Grey Global, India |

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Very very effective

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Good resource. I Like the idea

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Creative Director
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loved the simplicity and the concept!

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very nice idea... loved it..

just write
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Copywriter at Banyantree communications
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nice and effective one .. respect..

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I like this, but it's not quite right. I can hear people saying things like "well at least they were employee of the month"....which would make them stupid.

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Doin' it for the points

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Nice. Hey Phil & Ryan drop your coordinates at pradeep@verve-intg.com

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I Love This.
Fabulous Print Idea based on the unfortunate truth of reality

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Franklin College Grimsby
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The names actually made me wince. Simply coz such a wonderful concept was ruined by the lack of research. To an Indian, the names conjure up an image of wealthy, well-fed, well-to-do family children. Street children usually don't have such affluent surnames. Please change the names and you are sorted.

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Not all who wander are lost.

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very nice

Muneer Bhatti
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I think the fact the names sound like rich Indian kids is a bonus. It shows that given an education instead of a sweatshop slave job they could have succeeded in life. Maybe it was done on purpose.

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