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November 2009
Sao Paulo City Hall:  Flood


Print advertisement created by NovaS/B, Brazil for Sao Paulo City Hall, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


For you, it was just a bottle. For the city, it's another flood. When you litter you could be helping flood your city.

Advertising Agency: NovaS/B, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Ricardo Furriel
Art Director: Marcelo Maia
Copywriter: Bruno Faulhaber
Illustrator: Domani
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AmOgodzzz's picture

Alarmist and melodramatic.

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Copywriter at School of Visual Arts
atb2005's picture

Agreed. 7 stars.

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nspad's picture

Good art direction, but I don't get it? Is littering the cause of flood in Sao Paulo? (Not very up-to-the-minute with Brazilian news.

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Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand
R U serious's picture

Yep, one of the causes. Littering clogs up the city drainage system and aggravates the floods... That being said, I don't love this ad anyways... it's just the same O' same O' little tip of the iceberg metaphor...

R U serious
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Say my name, say my name...

JC Carvalho's picture

"Is littering the cause of flood in Sao Paulo?"

Yeah, but it works perfectly for any big city. It's a great ad, clever and pretty. Congratulations Brazil

JC Carvalho
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Art Director at Art Director |

Hell yeah!!

Adaddicted's picture

Plagiarism content??!


Heavily photoshopped,especially the cloud. We missed that Brazilian touch here ; (

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Dzsoi's picture

This one here is a much weaker idea for practically the same brief/message. It makes me love even more the ad you linked :)

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Phil Lestino's picture

This clearly shows the danger even if is not very exciting.....still the plebians who pollute the river won't take any notice of anything so this is good enough

Phil Lestino
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brainslashed's picture

i think these need to be put up on every nook and corner. It conveys a strong message and clear enough for any dufus to get.

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Copywriter at Wunderman
xcreativity's picture

good concept.. but i would change the copy.

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=== Looking for concept/art creative to form a team to work in independent advertising projects. ===

Alexandre Brito
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Appolonia's picture

i think the copy is too long..there is no use for the last line written in small font

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Copywriter at memark branding agency
Marlus Lau's picture

I believe it's delivering the message clearly to the target.

Fulfills it's function as an ad.

Marlus Lau
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Art Director at Editora O Estado do Paraná / Pós-graduação na Unicuritiba
art one's picture

i'm sure i saw the same ad just executed differently (very similarly) here actually not but a few days ago..... hmmmmm

art one
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satrianee's picture

I like the movie poster like print.

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joelapompe's picture

addadicted is right, it's very close to this one : http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/surfrider_foundation_europe_deter...

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Dzsoi's picture

Not the same at all. That was based on the brilliant use of the fact that from that perspective, objects under water look bigger.
This one here only states your are not the only one polluting the water - if everybody thinks the way you do, it will cause flood.
A pretty old banality.

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Riander's picture

I love it, its clear!!!

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Peruvian Institute of Advertising
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