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December 2012
Santam:  Oopsie
Santam Print Ad -  Oopsie

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Print advertisement created by King James, South Africa for Santam, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: King James, South Africa
Chief Creative Officer: Alistair King
Executive Creative Director: Devin Kennedy
Copywriter: Devin Kennedy
Creative Director / Art Director: Dan Berkowitz
Account Director: Jane Rowan Parry
Illustrator: Adam Hill
Senior Account Director: Kyle Marquis
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Shawali's picture

Ultimate page turner.

Looks good, but no one is going through the hassle of reading an over long copy about insurance.

Plus the drop shadow and 3D effect don't help.

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Art Director at freelance visual creative/Paris, France |

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!! http://adsoftheworld.com/forum/135094

Lazarus's picture

Sounds like they used the rationale for the campaign as the campaign.

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Creative Director
cvchitale's picture

superlike.....loved it as a costumer....

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Troll's picture

And as a customer?

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Copywriter |


Siddarth Basavaraj's picture

This campaign surely needs one insurer!

Siddarth Basavaraj
Activity Score 1673
Copywriter at Adsyndicate Services Pvt. Ltd. |

Love creating ads..

bate_palmas's picture

Disappointing coming from King James. But I guess after the 'Beautiful' ad, it's hard to maintain that level of brilliance.

The copy is fine, but ultimately the length of it serves little purpose. Why have long copy? Does it help the idea along in any way?

I'll hazard a guess that you could develop far more interesting creative solutions for a product like crunch time.

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kleenex's picture

too much copy???

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Web Designer/Developer
tazyboy's picture

looks really good. art direction and execution is very catchy.

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Art Director
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