Get your eyes checked, 2

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November 2009
Sankara:  Get your eyes checked, 2


Based on current events: controversy over the Bollywood movie "3 Idiots".

Advertising Agency: Bushtail, Bangalore, India

Print advertisement created by Bushtail, India for Sankara, within the category: Professional Services.


*Idiot proof your sight against fine print.
Get your eyes checked at Sankara

Creative Director: Jeevan Sebastian
Art Director: Deepak Dev
Copywriter: Shikha Gupta
Illustrators: Deepak Dev
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poor copy

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Alexandre Brito
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I guess only Indian viewers will get the reference.

(The ad more or less alludes to a writer who claimed that a Hindi ('Bollywood') movie - with a title incorporating the word "idiot", which became a big hit - was largely based on his book; and alleged non compliance of credits due to him. The makers of the move suggested he better read the 'fine print' of their contract.)

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~~this paranoid survived!~~

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This is just for the indian market, so surely the ad will meet its purpose.... good job

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Good ads are universal.
çFantastic job for a fantastic yawn!

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Hiperion... Great marketing mens that great ads should speak to their target audience, and it would seem the target audience here all get the concept and like it. It would be a bonus if the ad speaks to everyone else as well, but the main point of any ad is to speak to the desired target audience, which is why that's a big pat of any good brief. Who is the audience and how do we reach them specifically and cut through the clutter.

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Always try to be unique even when forced to conform.

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trying hard to be creative..bad ad

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m confused again!!!

Three idiots was released in dec. 2009 and after that this chetan bhagts controversy started.

bt the agency released this ad too in nov 2009, like the earlier one.

AMAZING!!! now m super impressed.

are they Nostradamus or bejan daruwalla? They know every event in the finest details before it happens. and then they create an ad and release it before the event.


This agency is surely a hub of fore tellers.

great going guys!! keep it up :-)

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Morally and for the love creativity I have to say these are horrendous...

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oh chetan bhagat! alas

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"Eyesight" would be more accurate than just "sight"

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hmmmmmmm......ok ad

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