May 2014
Rubbermaid:  Priest


Print advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for Rubbermaid, within the category: House, Garden.


Made to do what hands wouldn't.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Art Directors / Copywriters: Frank Garcia, Giulia Magaldi
Photographer / Designer: Nader Elsaeed
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Uncertain | Assumption is the Mother of All Fuckups

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Silly, sloppy and disrespectful.

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The brand would never agree to this if it was a real campaign.

Pete R.
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Are you trying to be unique by offending people? Come on, at least use your education for something!

I need a name f...
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Go back to school.
Oh wait, you are in school...

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RMG Connect Colombia
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Silly, disrespectful... insolent

Pierre B.
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Stupid and ridiculous.

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No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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calm down guys, why so serious

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i think the idea and the copy is fantastic "what hands wouldnt do" nice

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These are not real ads, they are student ads. Would a client buy this? Of course not. Students are asked to concept campaigns for mundane products in order to train them to think conceptually. While most on here focussed on things designed to illicit the very response they gave, the students succeeded in what they were tasked to do. And guess what? Not only will this campaign help them get a job, but they've now been published in AOTW which will open doors for them.

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You are either a student or not in advertising because you have no idea what you're talking about. Coming up with ideas that will piss people off and make them hate the brand all for the sake of "trying" to creative will not help them get a job. The only thing it will show Creative Directors is that they have no taste when it comes to good advertising. If you work under the impression "any press is good press" then don't bother finishing school because you will not get hired.

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Not a student, and I am in advertising. And having an opinion on a subjective topic doesn't mean I "don't have any idea what I'm talking about." You're obsessing over the executions. I simply defended how they arrived at the concept: Simple product approached and executed in an unpredictable way. In other words, the type of thinking that every client says they want until you present it to them and they go back to what's safe. Obviously these ads go too far, but I don't care what the student thinks, I care how they think. If you prefer rubber glove ads with moms, toilets, raw chicken and babies, just put on a blindfold, some "mom approved" rubber gloves, and reach into dumpster of portfolios. Best of luck.

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Risky? Sure
Terrible? Ummmm... Actually, I really don't think it is THAT bad

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