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August 2007
Romanian Traffic Police:  Honda


Print advertisement created by Mercury 360, Romania for Romanian Traffic Police, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Get used to seeing us in the mirror!

Advertising Agency: Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania
Art Director: Ionut Rusu
Copywriters: Elena Negrescu, Adi Pasarica
Creative Group Director: Liviu Turcanu
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JopyCunior's picture

imho copy is weak, but i like this ad.

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sirvan's picture

Yeah, the idea is solid. But the copy is bad. ...maybe it's just the "!" that needs to go.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

A stranger abroad's picture

So-so idea. Not bad. Not great.

But is it really so hard to get a native English speaker to check the copy? Heck, I'll do it for free:

Get used to seeING us in the mirror. (though I am sure this can be expressed better, I'll stick to proofreading).

More than 60% of accidents involving motorcyclists are caused by the negligence of car drivers not looking in their rear-view mirrors.

The last line is just too awkward to fix. It needs to be replaced by something simpler like: 'Always look for motorcyclists in traffic.'

A stranger abroad
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Copywriter at Singapore
Guest's picture

awareness regarding disciplined or undisciplined (daredevil) motorcyclists in traffic ?

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