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June 2010
Rolling Stone:  Baby


Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Germany for Rolling Stone, within the category: Media.


Copy on.
And one day all those legendary albums will disappear. And the great bands. And all the gifted young musicians. How are they supposed to make a living when everyone downloads their work for free? Support us:
Rolling Stone

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Frankfurt, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Creative Director: Helmut Meyer
Art Director: Eva Stetefeld
Copywriters: Taner Ercan, Dr. Stephan Vogel
Art Buyer: Christina Hufgard
Photographer: Stockmaterial
Advertiser's Supervisor: Rainer Schmidt
Account Supervisor: Dr. Stephan Vogel
Consultants: Peter Heinlein, Georg Fechner
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Hibon's picture

Great idea and artwork.(all the print's)

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Simple ideas are the best !

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dudes, it's kind of a boomerang, because the copied artwork is in itself quite astonishing. so what's the message? copying creates new forms of art, or something?

btw. for the most, if not for all, time in human history, most artists were not able to live off their art and never had the perspective to do so one day. nevertheless, artists throughout history made art. you know, maybe artists become artists because they feel the urge to express themselbes aesthetically, not because they expect some comfy bucks. nearly all music of interest in the last ca. 50 years was created not because the artist thought he could live off it, but /despite/ the perspective of never earning money at all with the final results. that's not to say that artists shouldn't earn money (fi revenue is made, hooray!), but I'm taking a strong stand against the notion that artists should be salesmen basically.

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the ad is talking about piracy...

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Creative Director
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yep, it is. you may be surprised, but: i'm aware of that. but its argumentation is flawed from them groundwork on. you may be surprised but: that's what i'm talking about. if you go try to bring a point across, you better get your arguments straight, no?

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It's a great idea and perfect crisis proof art work but the message is total bullshit. The music industry has to keep reinventing itself. Music is available in all sorts of different ways and people are willing to pay for it. Concerts become more and more important and replace the memorable tangible of the album or cd. Praise the lord for change. Let's embrace it. Copying is piracy but it's a music industry that holds on to old dogmas that is the problem not the people.

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I concur.

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About piracy, what about libraries? They have the music, movies and books there so you don't have to buy it. Granted they pay a steeper price but you don't see Authors complaining about such. Musicians don't make a lot of money by CD sells anyways they do on tours.

I think this ad is beautiful.

Guest's picture i get it

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You mean, commercialized pre-fabricated rock would disappear? Sign me up.

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