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May 2016
Rock & Pop:  Alberto


Print advertisement created by Kepel & Mata, Argentina for Rock & Pop, within the category: Media.


25 years of democracy, 25 years of freedom.

Advertising Agency: Kepel & Mata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Damian Kepel
Art Director: Nacho Coste
Copywriter: Pancho Esposito
Photographer: Julieta García Vázquez
Other additional credits: Javier Petrarca
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why is the text on the blackboard backwards?

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oh dear. bad art director for not noticing flip

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I think because he has the freedom to choose who he want it to be. A dyslexic... Just kidding they flip the image his watch is in the "right hand" according to this.. NI VIERNES is what the blackboard says.. NOR FRI

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Grafipress, c.a. |

^V^ graphic evolution had just begun ^V^

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cant find the flipped text

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I like this campaign, simple & great pics...I can´t find the flip either and I think the idea doesn´t change at all if it's flipped or not...I´m tired of people looking for errors in other people ads...why don´t you think good new ideas of your own instead of looking for mistakes in others work?

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He is bonded by the drudgery of maintaining (combing, shampooing) such long moustache & hair. So is he really free ?

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nice campaign

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