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Check your spelling please.

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Creative Director
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yikes. that IS bad.

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Art Director at 180LA
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Ad is updated. Good eye!

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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A blinding error.

drunk dave
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Mmmmm. I'll just look at something else then.

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nice to see an ad with smoke in it's "primordial" form without any "smoke-forming-shapes" stuff
I prefer this one, the last one's perhaps just slightly too dramatic

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Art Director
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visually appealing

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This smells like a scam ad. Where is the Rentokil logo? No CD would allow bad typography and spelling mistakes to go out of creative dept.

Scam Detector
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General Manager
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"No CD would allow bad typography and spelling mistakes to go out of creative dept."

Oh man you're in for a surprise.

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An award is like advertising. Few get it.

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i like the visual and the idea. But the art direction is abit disappointing, you can make it so much more beautiful in this territory. I think they've just wasted an opportunity for an award.

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Umm. Spelling is correct. English spelling. Just not American

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