A distance for our strength

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March 2020
Ridha Alwan Coffee: A distance for our strength
Ridha Alwan Coffee Print Ad - A distance for our strength

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Coronavirus is spreading in Iraq, the government took actions to flatten the curve by imposing a curfew and educating the public on preventive tips such as social distancing. Despite these efforts, people are continuing normal social and economic activity, unaware of the real threat. Rida Alwan Coffee has been following these guidelines closely. We closed all branches when it become apparently necessary to do so. We intend to use our wide base of followers on social media to further spread the message on social distancing. Using arabic calligraphy, from our brand identity, we developed a copy-based layout that focuses on the word coffee in Arabic which, by spacing one letter, it can be red as “strength”. The sub-headline states: "sometimes, distancing gives strength. Stay home. If you must leave, remember to maintain distance, so that we can stay powerful for the sake of our loved ones"

Print advertisement created by CrazyTown, Iraq for Ridha Alwan Coffee, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: CrazyTown, Baghdad, Iraq
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