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April 2010
Rice&Fish:  Skullzoids
Rice&Fish Print Ad -  Skullzoids


Print advertisement created by Theoffice, France for Rice&Fish, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Number of good reasons: 66 millions

Advertising Agency:, Paris, France
Art Directors / Copywriters: David Ariyel, Phillipe Rachel
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Tommy G.'s picture

It really gives some bad impression on children and not enough on aids. Newborns dont transmit infections, they are affected as much as you do.
I dont see a strong link between those elements.

If I change the logo for an Anti-Baby campaign, it would fit better, keep working.

Tommy G.
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atb2005's picture

I disagree with Tommy G. No one is implying here that newborns transmit infections. We all know that HIV is transmitted via bodily fluids (e.g. semen, blood, etc). What we see here are infected sperms, a metaphor for HIV. Maybe I'm wrong? The message is clear: use condoms; don't let that infected deadly sperm (hence, the skulls) invade your body. Interestingly, on closer look, those skulls look as if they are grinning.

I love this image; it's scary, powerful, relevant. The smoky effect is outstanding!

The copy is not legible. 66 million people in France are what? I think that's France entire population.

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Shawali's picture

Yep, that's approximately that.

The copy is not really clear. Maybe it'd makes more sens in French.

Nice art.

But I can't believe the idea of having spermatozoons with death skulls hasn't been made before.

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bobby666's picture

i quite like the idea and the execution is also good. but the message is not clear. also few words are not readable.

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Alexandre Brito
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satrianee's picture

strong and brave metaphoring. just as the disease deserves. This gray/black scaled visual is great too.

The number is maybe a little exagerated. I googled it up and hardly receive 40 million. (perhaps this number includes 25 million deaths since 1981)

edit: ohh.. that's estimated french population.. (it is hardly legible)

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Singularity's picture

Pretty bold. Definitely impactful. At the same time, I agree with the comments about the typography (especially the glaring typo in "66 millions") and it may be scientifically a little off target as the concern seems to be "don't give your baby HIV" rather than just "don't catch HIV yourself"

- Jeff

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TheSituation69's picture

Great visual, so so headline

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Zenterdome's picture

Nice AD

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adicted's picture

I don't get it... What's the point with Rice and Fish?

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