Censorship tells the wrong story, Obama - Clinton

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June 2011
Reporters Without Borders:  Censorship tells the wrong story, Obama - Clinton


Photographer: Atp.

Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, United Arab Emirates for Reporters Without Borders, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Censorship tells the wrong story

Advertising Agency: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Steve Hough
Creative Director: Ramzi Moutran
Art Directors: Leonardo Borges, Rafael Rizuto
Copywriter: Sascha Kuntze
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prasanno's picture

It's a good campaign.

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Reality Check's picture

The entire campaign is seamless and offers new facets each time you look at it.

Reality Check
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sirvan's picture

There's a disconnect here. A big one. If you follow these ads through to their logical conclusion, censorship would lead someone to think that Putin was masturbating, or Obama feeling up Hillary, which is very far from what people would actually assume from facts being obscured or omitted due to censorship.

Another case of a campaign that pays off a tagline, but not the real, core message.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

JablesVanBuren's picture

Hilarious, great campaign.

I don't think the tag line is disconnected at all. With censorship you aren't given all the information to make you own decision on the story.
In this case, censorship has created a potentially crippling story line that we all know isn't based on truth.

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atb2005's picture

Sirvan said it best. In fact I was going to say the same thing. The entire campaign is a big fail. Not sure what these new facets Reality Check refers to are...

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ace85le's picture

I agree and disagree with sirvan. The tagline is just saying that we won't have the full picture of the story that's all.

The only disconnect here (and a BIGGER one) that politicians seem to be the VICTIMS of the censorship, while in fact they ARE the CULPRITS.

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AssassinX's picture

It's been twisted too much n I didnt find it very funny. The exaggeration is good but not so convincing.

Agree with ace85le.

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bhuvneshwar.chd's picture

our aim is to recognizes the product among people with conveying positive ideas and thinking to the society.

here in this case. people might recognizes the product, but the idea is bit negative side.

any ways. . . enjoy the LION.

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davidexiu's picture

You think Obama touching Hilary, cause the censoring dots...and this is the wrong story.

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tamer samy's picture

Congratulations, keep it up UAE

tamer samy
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gioborde's picture

Maaan, its not so complicated to make the connection, When something is censored you dont get the full story, or at least the accurate story, so you make your own conclusions, you creat a story yourself. That is preciseley what this is saying. Its not about obama actually touching hillary´s breast.

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theshekhar's picture

who r the TG/TA? the law makers. than the campaign is perfect. loved the idea.

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shahidali's picture

Pathetic effort. Total disconnect. Well said Srivan.

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Wordnerd's picture

good thought, but as already said the execution is twisting the message

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murugesh's picture

too hot & strong!

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creative director
_tj_'s picture

I can't believe how many people are missing the point. Censorship warps the truth, and they're showing this by censoring pictures to show you exactly how it can lead to false interpretation. Ignore the negative comments; great work.

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tjarch.ca | good copy/bad copy

kleenex's picture

not a bad idea.

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prasanno's picture

It's a good campaign.

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A. Akbari's picture

The Idea is realy nice!
It's eye catchy and delivers the concept just at the proper time of thinking!

A. Akbari
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merio's picture

it's simply perfect.

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Muneer Bhatti's picture

nyc campaign

Muneer Bhatti
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