Remember 11/11/11

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November 2011
Remembrance Day:  Remember 11/11/11
Remembrance Day Print Ad -  Remember 11/11/11


Brief: Remind consumers about the importance of Remembrance Day by showcasing war veterans in a unique and symbolic way.

Execution: Because of the significant date in which Remembrance Day falls this year (11/11/11), we designed a visual representation of this date by using veterans to make up the numbers. This image coupled with the line, "Remember" creates a simple, respectful and memorable tribute to the soldiers that gave so much of themselves for their country. The individuals cast for the ad are actual Canadian Veterans; three from the Second World War, and three from the Korean War. The Veterans are also organised in pairs by military branch; the first pair members of the Royal Canadian Air Force, the second pair members of the Canadian Army, and the third pair members of the Royal Canadian Navy. The diversity of the Canadian Armed Forces is also represented across the six individuals, with one French-Canadian Veteran, one African-Canadian Veteran, and one female Veteran.

Print advertisement created by DDB, Canada for Remembrance Day, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto
Associate Creative Directors: Paul Riss, Matt Antonello
Art Director: Italo Siciliano
Copywriter: Matt Antonello
Print Producer: Rose-Ella Morrison
Account managers: Mike Prentice, Sarah Thornley
Photographer: Andrew B. Myers
Print Production House: AdRules
Retoucher: Andrew B. Myers
Printing House: Clockwork Productions
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Nice visual.

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That write up under the ad is trying too hard. I think we all understand the brief. And the fact that those tiny soldiers are real vets is irrelevant; they are too small to see. If they really wanted to pay tribute to those 6 vets they would have made them bigger and/or labelled them. But of course they would rather keep the design cleaner so they can try to win some awards.

Also, feels like it only needs one of those lines of copy at the bottom.

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Four CD's eh? I trust that was pro-bono!

Roger Keynes
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almost nice...

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Just ok

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