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Wait, isn't part of 'keeping you driving' that you have to refuel less often? Or am I missing something?

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fail fail fail

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Gives me an impression that it is fuel guzzler that frequently needs to be refueled.


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It tells me that you can't go on a trip without a fuel tanker next to you otherwise you'll run out of petrol in the middle on nowhere. There is thought behind it but not a complete thought.

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I don't see things literally.

Nice one.

Blessilda Mok
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Complete doo-doo. Please wipe your feet.

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I think it's not bad.

Have Heart
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i wanna say the idea is very good no matter what the excution's quality was, still the execution reflects the idea well.. so i say good work!


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where's the product benefit in these?

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That thing is sucking down the juice faster than a fat bastard at a beer drinking contest, it says to me this sucker has to be re-fueled every 10 metres... yep, sucking down the juice like a swine in a pig sty.

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IT's a shame VW is completely misunderstanding the Hybrid craze. Showing a car moving fast AND being replenished with gas COMPLETELY sends the wrong message!!! My God, it reminds me of the old ad where the guy fills his sports car up with $50 gas, gets in, revs his engine three times, and the gas hand moves from F to E. Hilarious!!! This one here is just as funny, but I am laughing at the ad agency this time and not the commercial itself!

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about the ad.

It's ugly, but it gets you nowhere.

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Brilliantly lame.

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Lovely. If you look at it the way it's meant to be looked at. And I guess that's the way it is with every ad. So if this is not good, no ad is good.

Sandeep Sinnarkar
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Well, I agree and disagree. Certainly I get what it is SUPPOSED to mean; but even with that understanding I keep seeing it the other way. I think the other ads in this series are far more effective; but that it is just too risky making the connection between a FAST car and GAS CONSUMPTION. This while other companies are running ads about "keeping you going" by allowing you to avoid gassing up all together. I think it is an unnecessarily risky ad

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This car is not about 'fast'...
Its about 'fun to drive'...
read the tagline properly.....b4 making any comments...

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Keeps you going?.... Nowadays people want a car that save fuel! we're not gonna waste our money by filling up gas n cruise around..especially in Malaysia! ....I wont buy this Jetta! Hahhahahha!

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From a consumer's point of view, I think the point of this campaign is to show that driving the car is so enjoyable that you don't want to stop for anything. I don't think it has anything to do with hybrids or speed. This is not a hybrid, so obviously, at some point, you need to refuel. If the point is that you wouldn't want to stop driving it, you would do what is necessary not to have to stop for annoying but necessary things like refueling, washing the car or eating. That's how I saw it...I think it's very clever.

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Bravo! So far the most intelligent comment on this thread ... by Caro12

Blessilda Mok
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My first impression was that the car is so good on gas that it's like having a gas truck beside you refueling you. I don't think the truck is actually there, only in spirit. Of course, with an ad like this, anything is possible I suppose.

PaulyG_fill in ...
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I like the ad.

kevin goh
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I like the ad too especially the value of its figure. You can easily think of gas efficiency.

vw jetta parts
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Yea I agree with Wkm910....it's not about fast. And for the comment about a unnecessarily risky ad...Without a doubt i think in an creative idea, we should all go all crazy about our ideas.

Big Friendly Mo...
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I like The "big idea" ie: the car is so good to drive you don't want to stop. My beef is with the tagline. The way it's written, using the words "made" & "keep driving" like that just makes it not very affable or welcoming, all you have to do is remove the "you"in the sentence and it becomes "keep You driving", as though you didn't have a choice in the matter. That would be a short coming more than a USP don't you think?

The visuals clearly indicate that the ad is supposed to be exaggerated and humorous and not to be taken literally, so that's fine. I think if an ad can entertain or make ppl smile- it can be effective, even if it doesn't "make sense". Not a bad ideas at all, but once again i just feel the copy could have been thought through a bit more.

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