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May 2009
Rasayana:  Rose


Print advertisement created by Art Grup, Turkey for Rasayana, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.


Make peace with the world. Anti-stress tea from Rasayana.

Advertising Agency: Art Grup, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Ates Cavdar
Creative Group Head: Husniye Saygili
Art Director: Derya Oguz
Copywriters: Levent Onur Ozdogan, Omer Onsun
Photographer: Metin Bakirkaya
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a bit overpromsing but who cares :)

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Publicis Yorum - copywriter
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you did this, obviously. i thnk it's not new. i am going to make a manifesto.
No more Chaplin, Bush, Hitler, Bin laden, or of course Che Guevara in ads. They are done.
suggestions are welcome.

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the iron-cross is mirror inverted

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it`s not that kind of uniform he used to wear - his jacket never had epaulettes - no stars on it and the belt-buckle is false, too

have a look:

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i like the idea it was really kool bent pix but copy said it all.thumbs up

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creative writer and organizer |


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A note to you, sush, from a Swedish-American with very real concerns for the pain this ad may cause and for the simplification or dumbing-down of historical context within this ad campaign: I'm so sorry that you feel that you "like it" and "it was really kool." And that you gave this nine out of ten stars. I admit that placing historical figures in a non-historical context may catch one's eye, but Hitler in this context is, excuse the term, "beyond the pale." (Google "beyond the pale" to find this: MEANING: "Unacceptable; outside agreed standards of decency." ORIGIN: "Catherine the Great created a 'Pale of Settlement' in Russia in 1791. This was a western border region of the country in which Jews were allowed to live. The motivation behind this was to restrict trade between Jews and native Russians. Some Jews were allowed to live, as a concession, beyond the pale." ACTUAL MEANING TODAY: "The message is clearly, 'if there is a pale, you should stay inside it', which conveys exactly the meaning of the phrase as it is used today." And, "Our figurative sense seems in part to have grown out of this, since those who exist outside such a conceptual pale are not of our kind and do not share our values, beliefs or social customs. There may well have been an echo of a literal pale as well, with an implication that civilisation stopped at its boundary."

About "kool:"

Taken out of context, Hitler can be funny (sort of), as in "Springtime for Hitler" in the movie, "The Producers." Again, as in making fun of him, in Charlie Chaplin's satire,"The Great Dictator." If you haven't had the opportunity or time, please check either or both on YouTube. You'll see what I mean, I hope.

But to sell a product, I dunno. It seems insensitive. To me, it's like making fun of the many who have died in Greece, Turkey, the United States, the former Yugoslavia, former Soviet Union, Congo, Somalia, Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Palestine, and so many other countries/geographic areas by featuring those leaders who brought death and terror. Would it be "kool" to feature George Bush, Stalin, Sharon, et al in such an ad? Would the faces of those other terrible leaders bring a smile to the faces of prospective consumers?

There must be a better way to sell ANY product--even a tea that mellows our more base emotions...

I look forward to any/all responses to this post.

And shame on the folks who put this ad campaign together!


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comparing hitler with sharon?
you´re stupid!

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First ve vil kill a few million and zen it's time fur tea...

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They didn't need three with Hitler. Either this one or the one with him in the Hawaiian shirt and then two other evil bastards. For example;

1. Dick Cheney

2. The Devil or Osama bin Laden

Then you have a campaign that's pretty "maverick" and "out there".

Part of me likes this and another part thinks it's too obvious.

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Art Director |

Doin' it for the points

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Its quite embarrassing that some people think the way to be outstanding is either using a big dick or Hitler.
This is the shame of advertising.

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I dont even understand why the editors put in on the site...

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There are good and bad examples. We can learn from all.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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Shame on you Turkey. Well, I'm not sursprised after what you did to the Armanians.

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Wow what an insight! We murdered Armenians. We love Hitler. We are a nation of muerderer loving bastards and we made this ad out of sympathy to all the murderers out there. You figured it out well. Congrats.

By the way, during the war, Armenians and Turks killed each other where they had the opportunity. That's a disaster that both nations must be ashamed. Putting all the blame on one side is not a constructive point of view.

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why didnt you choose erdogan?

Senhora Kolossa
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Jung von Matt
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great idea, if the campaign was not for tea but for kebab;)

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Art Director at homeshop
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tea is as popular as kebab as it is a main that is produced in turkey. do some reading and learning fgs. thats common knowledge.

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why didnt you choose mao?

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totaly uncreative, and stupid

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Five people to do this? Find another job.

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היטלרים ימח שמכם ושם זכרכם.

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I must say the visual of this one is funny, but the message is complete crap!

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Creative Director
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Idea told in wrong way in this one. It should be an olive tree. Red rose calling love more than stress.

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I have never associate PEACE with HITLER.
this is not a fine concept. it makes me confused instead. A ambitious, moustache-growing, world-wrecking anti-stress rose tea?
room for improvement. (:

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LASALLE College of the Arts
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Why don't you think about USA now? They are still killing people in another countries.
At the same time, if you speak about the Armenians and Turkey's historical background,
you must learn the real history.
This is only an ad, don't forget please.

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Was this a school project?

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I "get" where the designer was coming from, however, someone smelling a rose (a la "stop and smell the roses") doesn't really imply peace.

Hitler/history aside, ANYONE smelling a rose with his other hand on the butt end of his gun doesn't make me think of peace.

Perhaps something better - get rid of the Hitler imagery, have a generic "war general" sipping a cup of tea, and rather than a gun in the sling, have an olive branch. The tea isn't even depicted in the ad, save for 1/20 of the space in the last corner most people look.

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Well the ad did what it was designed to do. Got people talking about the ad. Not the product. This is how art directors and agencies build a bad-boy personality. They pretend to be risk-taking skateboard-riding edge-dwellers. Using Hitler in an ad is cheap, stupid and lazy.

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In war, everyone is a murder, remember that guys.

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Sorry, but you can love flowers and hate people…

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