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March 2010
PSP:  Magician
PSP Print Ad -  Magician


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Spain for PSP, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Spain
General Creative Directors: Juan Sánchez, Guillermo Ginés
Creative Director: Vicente Rodríguez
Art Director: Fran López
Copywriter: Vicente Rodríguez
Photographer: Gonzalo Puertas
Account Director: Inés Diez-Casariego
Account Supervisor: Ignacio Hortal
Account Executive: Verónica Mendoza
Agency Producer: Nuria Mazarío
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talkingisfree's picture

So bad. Art direction is just so bad, look at the magician that is like flying in middle of nowhere.
No concept behind, just a joke. PSP deserves something better.

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Art Director
feddy_boo179's picture

I agree with you, talkingisfree !!! The ad obviously reduces value of PSP. If they really want to promote the PSP, they'd better not relate it to magician work.

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aRianna23's picture

why does the guy have a camera on his hands? I think this would be a good campaign for digital cameras jaja

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Media Buyer at CultureSpan Marketing
Guest's picture

it's not a camera. it's a psp.

atb2005's picture

This is actually quite in line with what PlayStation has been doing (for years). This is the approach that Sony has decided to adopt. PS (portable or regular) campaigns have traditionally been "shockingly" irrelevant or different, bold, and sometimes downright controversial. Remember the White is Coming billboard ad in Benelux, which Sony had to pull? Or the Spring/Bodies ads by TBWA France? Advertising does not always have to inform; sometimes companies use it just as a means to entertain, generate media buzz, get people talking, etc. These are usually companies that are well known and need little, if any, promotion. That said, I like this ad. If you think about it, it's mildly funny. The idea here is that what the magician is doing does not really affect the guy because we all know that people don't actually get cut up in this trick. So while the magician is doing his stuff, the guy is playing on his PSP. Again, it may seem irrelevant BUT it is in line with the unique witty-focused advertising style of Sony PS. If this really reduced the value of PSP, Sony would have cut ties with TBWA long time ago. The fact that they are still working with the agency means that 1) they are happy with their work and 2) sales are good.

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MJStinson77's picture

I just don't see how this ad relates to the product period. What is it saying? Why does this make me want to go buy one? Fail.

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brandingworthspreading's picture

Still trying to understand .. the user is so engaged on PSP that he doesn't even realize that his body was being separated by a magician?

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I think what this ad is trying to say is that no matter what place you're in it's still in your hands, referring to it's portable use. I could just be speculating though. Not a terrible ad, just takes time to figure out-which can be bad in most cases.

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