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July 2009
Prostate Cancer Foundation:  Slip


Photographer: Gerhard Merzeder

Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Switzerland for Prostate Cancer Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Prostate cancer? A blood test will tell you.
The early detection examination for prostate cancer no longer takes place where it would be expected. A simple blood test in the crook of the arm suffices. Preferably early on. Ask your doctor and gain information on

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/LIMMAT Zürich, Switzerland
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Jaggy
Copywriter: Samuel Knaus
Advertiser's Supervisor: Thomas Lautenschlager
Account Supervisor: Remo Brunner
Art Buyer: Erasmo Palomba
Art Director: Patrick Beeli
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iloveseneca's picture

WOAH!! How come one thigh is bigger than the other?!!!
Till i read the copy! LOL Nice...

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Home Sweet Home
Notorious's picture

sick campaign, it cant even stomach me

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outsmart me, if you can

Guest's picture

love campaigns that have a single idea, but run with at least 3 executions. because it's really important to see various styles of underwear and using also the left arm. lame.

DJVassallo's picture

hahahaha... what a relief! clever ads...

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Hormone vs Neuron - Twitter

mpared's picture

Lame .... i think they look way freaky !!

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Guest's picture

crap, Im sick of these visuals looking like something while being something else, everyone does it all the time. Invent something new!

CopywriterInTraining's picture

I get the idea, as sophisticated as it is, but shouldn't we be seeing the back of the underwear?

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Guest's picture

its not colon cancer its prostate cancer

Jesterbrand's picture

Weird as hell! I like it!

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sush's picture

lol.i lik it i think u tried not to do d same tin by using diffrent guys n undies i also tink diff copies wud hav worked so it dnt get boring cos its quite represented d same way except colors of undies.good one though its quiet disruptive in nature.

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