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July 2012
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Print advertisement created by 433, Brazil for Procorrer, within the category: Fashion.


All you need for running.

Advertising Agency: 433 Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Directors: André Strauss, Bud Distefano, Cicero Lago
Art Director: Ivaldo Ferreira
Copywriter: Estevan Petyk
Photographer: Rodolpho Pajuaba
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brunócio's picture

Simple, but well thought, works pretty well for me

jackmancer2017's picture

The ad focuses on the center, so it means you should go running butt naked?

Activity Score 6992
Copywriter at Editor/Student
LenaGoia's picture

"Equilibrium" is everything that comes to my mind while looking at this print. It's simple, yet powerful.

Activity Score 11
danielchapman's picture

Its meant to be a timeline kind of thing I think. With mixed units (weight vs running).

Maybe its a B.C. and A.D. thing, which would mean the shoes are the child of god?

Kind of forced imo, but has something bigger buried in there possibly... or should I say sealed in that tomb?

Activity Score 292
kleenex's picture

My problem with this ad is that I am not seeing any real change in the size of the clothing at the ends though,,,

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Web Designer/Developer
ancana22's picture

Pra que a porra dos números lá em cima? Boa ideia!

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brunócio's picture

Simple, but well thought, works pretty well for me

Barbara O.'s picture

Well for me, it says 'no matter the weight or the distance, all you need are procorrer shoes and a bottle of water'

Barbara O.
Activity Score 211
Barbara & 1923 |

Barbara O.

NicoCiego's picture

Very smart. Kudos to the CDs!

Activity Score 1031
Art Director at Quezon City Philippines
Shahzad Zaman's picture

The picture depicts the difference between before and after one used procorrer shoes.
First, his weight increased from 95 to 115kg. When procorrer shoes came, he went from running 0km to 10km.
In the same picture, we can see his clothes he wore before he had these shoes and after he started running.

Shahzad Zaman
Activity Score 6
shahidali's picture

Like the idea. Copy is not connecting to the core benefit of the product. Execution could have been better.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


ItMatters's picture

Too open for different views. Take too long to see the idea. I probably have flipped the page.

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khronos's picture

well executed...i dont think its working too hard...pretty slick imo

Activity Score 994
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