Electric Chair Sometimes

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September 1994


These ads were part of a hard hitting "tongue in cheek" campaign to support the sale of blue jeans made by inmates at the Oregon State Penitentiary. The program allowed inmates to earn a commensurate rate to outside garment workers, while paying taxes, supporting families, paying victims restitution, and having money available for when they got out of prison. Also, for most, it was their first experience interviewing for a job, learning a skill, and developing a work ethic that would translate to the outside world. After 5 years of existence, the program had zero percent recidivism, (inmates who left the prison and did not return) while the national average hovers around 70%.

Print advertisement created by Big Ads, United States for Prison Blues, within the category: Fashion.


Sometimes our jeans last longer than the guys who make them.
Prison Blues
Made on the inside to be worn on the outside.

Advertising Agency: Big Ads, Portland, USA
Creative Director / Art Director: Roger A. Bentley
Copywriter: Scott Wild
Photographer: Ken Anderson
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