Only One Drop

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April 2021
Pril: Only One Drop
Pril: Only One Drop
Pril Print Ad - Only One Drop
Pril Print Ad - Only One Drop


In Thailand, Pril is an imported dishwashing liquid brand which costs 3-4 times higher than the local brands. Therefore, Pril’s core target consumers in Thailand are expats who are familiar with the brand, and also the high income housewives or homemakers that perceive the brand as high-quality dishwashing liquid which is worth to spend more money on.

In order to communicate the unique selling point of Pril which is “The power of one drop against grease and crusts on the plate”, we explore the common knowledge and insight of both target groups, so they both can relate to this piece of communication.

We came up with the idea to portray “The power of one drop” through storytelling of well-known rumour from “The Beatles” that was once the talk of the town when everyone was saying that the love story between Yoko Ono and John Lennon is the reason why The Beatles was splitted away and came to its end forever.

And another story that portrays “The power of one drop” is how Michael Bay directed all of his movies that are usually full of explosion scenes that destroy every single thing.

This ad was produced during a covid-19 situation when marketing budget was highly concerned and there is no production cost to spend.

Print advertisement created by Hakuhodo, Thailand for Pril, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Wolf Bkk, Bangkok, Thailand
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