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June 2011
PRASA:  Paper Forest
PRASA Print Ad -  Paper Forest


Background: PRASA (The Paper Recycling Association of South Africa) is an organisation that is promoting a culture of recycling in South Africa. They offer recycling services to companies and promotes the concept of reuse, deduce, recycle and recover via education and awareness campaigns.

Insight: On average, 1 tree produces 8500 sheets of paper, whilst 1 person uses about 500,760 sheets of paper (+/- 59 trees) in a year.

Creative Execution: Visually there is something very disturbing about the amount of paper we get out of one tree. By replacing a forest of trees with stacks of A4 pieces of paper, we recreated a tranquil forest scene, complete with a carpet of leaves and dramatic lighting, a powerful reminder that paper is a valuable commodity and should be used wisely and recycled. Craft In order to create a lifelike image of a 'paper forest', several carefully lit photographic scenes were composited together. Lighting for the various paper piles, individually shot in studio, matched the early morning forest scene we shot to create the forest bed. The sky and other details were also shot individually. Extensive digital manipulation was needed to create the final scene.

Print advertisement created by TBWA, South Africa for PRASA, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


1 tree produces 8500 sheets of paper.
8500 sheets of paper don't produce oxygen, shade, home or food.
All the more reason to use paper wisely and recycle.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Cape Town, South Africa
Creative Director: Liezl-Mari Long
Art Director: Knut Otto
Copywriter: Dylan Rohleder
Photographers: David Prior, Knut Otto
Retouching: Paul Hudson, Knut Otto
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ace85le's picture

Wow love the execution. The whole series rocks.

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john ler's picture

"The whole series..."
Euh, would have I missed something there ?
Or are you suggesting it's part of the Hotel Camino Real campaign ?

john ler
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ambareesha's picture

this is what the effectiveness of communication. very clever. am giving 9*

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- @mbi

Abhishek Parikh's picture

I love the real-like feel which compliments the message. Good one.

Abhishek Parikh
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hoozn's picture

Nice one. And way more intelligent than JvM's "Don't use paper because it's bad, use your computer and waste energy instead lulz" font campaign.

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who cares? ima play some tunes instead

esteb's picture

Too easy. First thinking.

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bakamono's picture

WTH is this, the art is bad the writing is even worse.

1 tree doesn't produce anything but oxygen and shade

8500 sheets of paper produce jobs at the paper mill, lumber camp, and provide for employee family so they can have homes and food on the table. And it seems to prpoduce shade as well.

This is a half baked ad with 0 thought put in to the whole concept. You don't have to be a creative genius to see this. If paper was so useless why are we still using it.

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because therefore it is

Taylormade's picture

Agree... the thinking is lazy, for all the reasons mentioned above, including that paper can provide shade... also, you can chop down a tree and use the wood to make a home. So it does that too.

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bhuvneshwar.chd's picture

awesome work done on art.

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Blue Apple's picture

I like it.

Blue Apple
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Rich28's picture

Terrible. This copywriter should be fired. Way to write the brief verbatim on the ad. How about going back to ad school and learning how to write?

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rmkida's picture

Very intuitive!

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