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Really strong as one idea, could've made a great campaign if each execution was a fresh take.

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I agree.
The only thing is that it looks like a hospital setting, too stark for a bedroom.

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probably since they wanted to highlight how cold and uncomfortable the floor was

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I kinda chuckle a little when i see this.. Good thinking.

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Absolutely great! Agree with Slim, a fresh take for each execution would've made it even better. Still outstanding!

Have Heart
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somebody explain the concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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The dog, now with more power, took them out of the bed.
Thats why theyre sleeping on the floor.
Dog rules.

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oh ok. thanks Rusio!

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"there's nothing more difficult than a line"p.picasso

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i think its amazing! good work..

chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Great idea. maybe another execution would be on the bowl of food and a leash. why 3 executions... of ppl sleeping on the floor.

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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agree with te execution it could be a nicer location this looks like a bed on a shoping flor or a hospital could be more home feel. and you dont fell out of your bed (if thats te idea) by the front side.

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I didn't really get this right away either. I'm a copywriter, so keep that in mind art directors, but perhaps a nice touch would have been to have the dog's tail hanging over the edge of the bed? As is, I'm not sure it's clear why they're sleeping on the floor.

PaulyG_fill in ...
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Yes, perhaps the version that goes into the newspaper it should have a tail. But for us and the jury, no need for it.

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Dogs will do that?

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love it :)

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hahaha, brilliant.
though i agree Davosk, it does look like a hospital.

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It took a moment to register...but once it did...loved it

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