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you came so close to great idea but failed to see it.

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100% true

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Good idea and effective advert for target market.
But something is missing.

If use the special day, for example "birthday or national day"
bodycopy accord with idea

İlan için yorum

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didn't like the way writing the message, makes no sense to me

ziad hamdan
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ziad hamdan

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I think this is an idea that is almost there. Unfortunately you seemed to have veered off on a tangent. These look like mockups for a movie channel rather than a simple tool used to make quick reminders and notes.

The Angelina Jolie one is just adrift; it could be Marilyn Monroe for all I know. The Sherlock Holmes and the Freddy Krueger are better, but still, what is the point? Do you know anybody who uses Post-It notes to make a note of movies? Everybody uses them to jot simple reminders, not things that should 'never be forgotten'. The client's product is not used to make archives and doesn't end up in a scrapbook or as a family heirloom.

Revisit the idea of not forgetting, but make it represent the product and its use.

As an aside; I think every ad school does 3M Post-It notes as a project. My favourite execution was a guy in my class who came up with "The only sticky, yellow sheets you'll use everyday. Not counting your bed."

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Nice comments Dale. Rodrigo Daud and Nino Skeff just got doubly lucky.

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Thank you for the feedbacks. I appreciate them and comes up with some clever points that people never questioned me about it.

Now i'll just put my opinion. It's not to be compared with movies, but with celebrities that made history and can be recognized just from its shadow. The campaign is not complete though, theres also Gene Simmons, Marylin Monroe. Well, its kinda everlasting. This where it links with post-it, they were made to never be forgotten as the Post-it.

Thank you guys

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