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Would have much preferred to see a paris hilton one and perhaps a fat celebrity one

Bundy Agency
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There doesn't seem to be much editing in terms of quality on this site. 90% of the student work on this site has been pretty poor. I sent in a microsite I worked on for British Airways 3 months ago and it still hasn't been mentioned on adsoftheworld. Hey why not check it out at http://www.upgradetobritishairways.ba.com/

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mikepants.... after clicking on your BA site.. i see there's a clear reason your work wasnt featured on this site.
no offense man.. there just isn't an idea in there. it's pretty pictures (kinda) and not much else.

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um, mikepants, i also just checked out your microsite. yowza. i have to agree with kre8 - pretty pictures. and then what? your copywriter should be shot - or fired. punnage is blase and totally not in line with the BA strategy. the copy tries too hard to be clever and the tone does not speak to the affluent traveller thinking of upgrading to another airline. ease up on your criticisms there bud. it's the whole stick - eye- speck thing.

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Mikepants, your microsite sucks. It´s just a online photoshop zoom tool.

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legal galera, mas num é esses balaio de gato todo não.
not bad, not good.

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WHY is mentos better?

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