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i think it's amazing

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that´s really good. is PST something like a travel agency? if yes, this work is awesome. normally these clients wanna show people relaxing at the beach...

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This campaign is bollocks!

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Basically, the concept here is "have a break, have a holiday".

I recall a similar idea for a beer. One ad showed a pickup truck loaded with old tires. But the pickup itself has a flat.

And the line is something like "Luckily everyday has an end. (Something) Beer."

The other 2 ads showed other blue collar workers in similarly distressful situations with one strong, single, simple idea. And they resonated with their target audience: beer-drinking blue collar workers.


What we have here instead is a mess of characters. And it's like a stationery TVC. You have to look at A, B and C in the visual and then we "get" what the ad is struggling to say.

Also, the ad uses as heroes people doing very specific jobs like policemen, firemen and doctors, which 95% of the population cannot relate to.

So, this campaign doesn't even get a passing mark.

And finally, why is everyone caucasian including the fireman and policeman? C'mon guys, get REAL and get out of the "white is better" mentality. Your neighbour the Thais do great award-winning advertising using THAI PEOPLE. SO no need to be ashamed or think that using white talent will increase your chance at the awards. In fact, the opposite is often true.

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Mr top. go and screw yourself all you guys who don't like it. It's brilliant IWIDT .

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