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June 2008
PlayStation:  Matrjoska
PlayStation Print Ad -  Matrjoska


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Spain for PlayStation, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Juan Sánchez, Guillermo Ginés, Montse Pastor
Art Director: Fran López
Copywriter: Peru Saiz
Illustrator / Photographer: Gonzalo Puertas
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nemesis's picture

I think Playstation ads make no sense anymore. They only focus on being bizarre, but I don't see a real message in them.

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Creative Director
teenquey's picture

meaning? can somebody please explain?

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regrat's picture

there is a skinny woman in every fat man.

I would never promote Coca Cola.

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Creative Director
ivan's picture

Coke is a great brand. What's wrong with it?

Creative Director at Ads of the World
talkingisfree's picture

It's something that tries to be like the Playstation ads of 3/4 years ago but it's just no sense very bad executed. I don't like it.

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Art Director
Grrrr's picture

Idea's nice... for Russian public. Looks like a rough photoshop sketch, not final thing, though.

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parashute's picture

what do you mean `for Russian public` : ))) matryoshca is a cliche that actually works only for foreigners : ) not for Russians it`s something like showing a bear to comunicate Russia : )))

idea is not so good as other playstation `there`s someone another inside you` stuff. retouch is poor too.

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mmackinven's picture

Russian dolls spring to mind

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Art Director at Freelance |

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Administrative at |

Advertising in Siberia via

Shady Ali's picture

Don't understand this 1

Shady Ali
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Art Director at Media Partners Advertising |

Shady Ali

sneakyhands's picture

nipples sell games. if you make the nipples confusing then people will think they're dumb for not getting it. this sucks yak schlong.

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Mandark's picture

if you're a fat man feeling like a skiny girl inside, buy PS3? isn't this matrioshka thing been used and over abused?

Activity Score 403
copywriter |

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

campass's picture
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Carlos Garcia's picture

It hurts my eyes and insults my brain.

Carlos Garcia
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Copywriter at Zwela |


Cris's picture


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Art Director at art director
nemesis's picture

I think Playstation ads make no sense anymore. They only focus on being bizarre, but I don't see a real message in them.

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Creative Director
Wordnerd's picture

make it always the same guy and put a wii fit logo on it. then i would get it ;)

Activity Score 6690
nicoB's picture

This is amazing, do you guys seriously not understand this ??? its the same idea as nearly all the PS ads. "Become someone else".
Here they say that you can easely change personality.

I like it (but i think the sad day has come: this is less original now)

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Wordnerd's picture

i don't know games where you play fat, normal guys

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Guest commenter's picture

easily change personality? but y do u have to go through 3 morphs to change? that's not easy. i really don't get this ad.

Guest commenter
list's picture
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NatalieM's picture

I've looked and thought, and no, I do not get it.

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Topolewski |


Whitefang's picture

Natalie dear, that does not surprise me.

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whitespace's picture

the fattest guy ate the fatter guy who ate the fat guy who ate the hot chick with pointy nipples.


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Creative Director
Guest commenter's picture

lol, that pointy nipples grabbed my attention too. i think the fattest guy should be farther since he was the first one to be detached from his feet. what do you think?

Guest commenter
dthlb72's picture

in gaming world, you beat up anyone including your ugly self...

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Art Director, ADK Malaysia
Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
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Photographer |

theanc's picture

It's an alien! Don't you see the Nevada-desert-like landscape?


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Art Director at Grey Brazil |

strangera's picture

Another "GREAT" PS3 ad! Pointless as aways. :(

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Slashweasel's picture

waste of budget

Activity Score 104
dlusion's picture

They're going after that illogical and random imagery, but still conveying the various personalities you can become when playing video games. It goes along with PS3 has been doing since the beginning but this one isn't as strong as the others, that's for sure.

Activity Score 55
Art Director at Humber College - BA in Creative Advertising, 4th Year. |


strangera's picture

And how we are supposed to get this message :D
I am a gamer, and this image don't speak to me at all :) Or i need to be a genius in order to by PS3 :)

Activity Score 110
wert's picture

someone to explain this!!!!!!!!!!!

Activity Score 77
akcelerator's picture

...its best to keep people absolutely clueless about the point..

Activity Score 6
wert's picture

so the real person in this ad is the girl and the others are "the various personalities"....if this is all about it, maybe I get the idea here.

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plamenogn's picture

only people in East Europe can understand this. :) Matrioshka is a Russian toy from the past.
look at here ->
Nowadays there are also such toys, but more actual - with Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Putin etc.

I suppose that PS Brand team wanted this ad for the East European market.
No matter this - PS ads are disgusting in most cases. Like they are not for children but for zombies. ;)

Activity Score 59
Ogilvy & Mather
Ramikan's picture

PS3 Slim coming!

Ramikan's picture

PS3 SLIM is coming!

replicante7's picture

I have just wrote a comment about this print in a Spanish blog. Here it is (by copy and paste):

Mi análisis:

Creo que el entorno es muy importante en el mensaje. Sugiere la frontera USA-Mexico y trae a la mente a los espaldas mojadas y a la emigración hispana en Estados Unidos. Induce a pensar que uno de los targets es la nueva generación norteamericana de origen hispano.

Esto respecto al mercado estadounidense, en particular y, extrapolándolo a otros mercados, se dirige a las nuevas generaciones en general por el mensaje de "rompimiento" con el mundo del "pater familia".

Las figuras rotas (y huecas) por sus características son de origen hispano. Probablemente representan tres generaciones de hombres: el abuelo, el padre y el hermano mayor de la joven. Los tres son hombres con vestuario masculino más bien conservador. Sus figuras están huecas, vacías.

De ellas surge la nueva generación (PSP3) representada por una criatura femenina pero con cierto aire andrógino: pechos pequeños, caderas estrechas, óvalo facial femenino y labios carnosos pero con mentón hendido y prominente, pelo recogido. Su vestuario es sencillo y actual, con aire minimalista en contraposición con el vestuario de los hombres.

Es interesante.

Guest's picture

I think this is taking it too far

imdikhan's picture

This idea mean a certain thing
that the play station I the thick form was the first intruduced in the market. then the 2nd derived from the first with more functions and less size (meant the son of te first),
an then the grand daauhter camo into bieng with a trim shap
and never the less more funtions till to the time it is being created.

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abc graphics
Guest's picture

The idea is U can play many role.
For all PS ads.

halfstring's picture

Or it can mean: break out of your shell. Kinda spooky.

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Graphic Designer
Guest's picture

PS3, it's not just for fat men anymore? Even hot girls play it?
I still dunno what it means.

Guest's picture

urh. maybe its a ad for PS3 slim? like, the consoles get thinner and the games get hotter?

fouadwehbi's picture

can i purchase the following ad

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