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As Homer would have said.... "DOH"

Phil Lestino
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As Homer would have said.... "DOH"

Phil Lestino
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Love, love, love this ad.

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??? It's totally not the same idea....

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I like it.

I'd say the copy could have got into the more storied stuff like "an alien that wants to call home" quicker. Rather than just having names of objects at the start.

I guess you want to get the idea of a whole list of stuff across quickly, but I'm guessing some people will read just the first few, get the idea, and turn the page.

With some more storied snippets at the beginning -- like maybe from the 3rd or 4th item -- I'm thinking there might be more intrigue, keeping people on the page, and appreciating the ad a little longer.

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More like this, please.

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There's something that makes me feel it must have been done before.
It makes it difficult to judge.

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Thanks dad.
what is it?
It's a formula 1 car?
It's a super hero who demolished buildings?
a pirate ship ...?
a castle full of soldiers?

PS: (Rasti = Lego)

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I have seen some like this before, but I like so much.

Agencia Marketi...
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simple, nice

Emily Blawyn
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very good

Sophie Campbel
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good ad, very good, simple

Ava Spears
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Simple, classic and super super good.

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