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May 2009
Pizza Hut:  Ground


Print advertisement created by Publicis, Luxembourg for Pizza Hut, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Mikado Publicis Luxembourg
Art Director: Patrick Bertrand
Copywriter: Matthieu Dusart
Photographer: Marcel Veelo
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I'm sorry. I realise the difficulty in writing an a language you are not fluent in. And I respect anyone who is multi-lingual. But you can't run a French headline through babble-fish and think it will make sense.

For instance. Wo hua yu shou de bu hao. I try my hardest to speak Chinese and am improving, but I wouldn't dream of publishing an ad in hua yu - certainly not without running it by a native speaker.

Your ad is gibberish. For instance, do you know that 'ground' not only means 'earth', but also also 'finely minced'? So a ground product could be - for instance - beef. And that is just the start of your problems. Are you saying pizza have vegetables (produce) in them? Or that you also sell stuff like salads? No one could guess from your ad.

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