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June 2009
Piccadilly:  Tree
Piccadilly Print Ad -  Tree

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Print advertisement created by BBDO, Bulgaria for Piccadilly, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Graffiti BBDO Sofia, Bulgaria
Creative Director: Deyan Shivarov
Art Director: Danail Nikov
Copywriter: Lubomir Panayotov
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A new copywriter needed is.

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I almost bought into the fact that it was worded the way it was for a reason, but after much thought I realized it was probably a bad idea. Using bad grammar might just assume that the viewers are of a lower intelligence and that it is just the poorer communities littering our world, and I highly beg to differ. Definitely should watch how things are worded!

Otherwise I overall like the whole idea. Cute illustrations. Creative idea.

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Chances are that if the ad is from Bulgaria, the viewers would be, let me guess, Bulgarians? And I'm pretty sure the official language there is not English. So, saying that the ad is for viewers of "a lower intelligence" is just being ignorant.

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I am from Bulgaria. Thank you for granting me the "lower-intelligence" status. The average Bulgarian speaks at least three languages? And your guess, sorry that you do not know that for sure, is correct: our official language is not English. Talking about ignorance, are you American? Western Europe and the United States, by using their best knowledge of English, polluted the Earth with their advertising and consumer culture. Let's have forgiveness for the poor editor. Do not get me wrong. I do not support incorrect use of the language. What prompted me to send you a comment, “dear Guest”, is your superiority complex.

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nice illustration.. nice idea

Emran Hayat
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fresh idea, like it, cool art.

Shamail Khadija
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Shamail Khadija

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I think that the translation of this text is verbatim.
Non-English-Speaking copywriters are using word for word translation in their everyday work - it’s a common mistake.

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C'mon people. The copy may be lost in translation, but the idea is still readily recognisable.

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I like it. The idea is simple and obvious.

Get a grip... people. Neither “Think different" nor “Does this ass has an owner?” (a line you can see in a Brazilian print on this site) is proper English :)

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Actually the copy is not even close to its Bulgarian version. I don't know who 'adapted' the text in English... In Bulgarian, the copy goes something like "This is one of 3 200 000 000 plastic bags which will decorate Bulgarian trees this year."

Either way, it sounds ok in Bulgarian, don't worry - we do have good copywriters (for the most part).

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That said,I think it works perfectly. Good job.

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ok, the way it is, the copy is mere ridiculousness. I don't know what it is in Bulgarian, but if they made the effort to put it up on aotw, they could've at least translated it properly. I get the idea, but it's somehow lost in the execution. Doesn't do it for me, besides what's with the alien lurking between the trees? The color combination, I would also argue, has been used in Bulgarian campaigns all too often in the past couple of years.

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