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I like this one the best out of the four different concepts. It's very clear and easy to understand. Very good campaign overall.


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its simular to the one for some newspaper with the faces of sadam bush and the others. .but there the message is much more related to the visual, here the slogan is good "blind see what they here" its very playfull.

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It´s very similar to that campaign indeed. It loses impact beacuse of it.

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In this campaign blinds see the correct things...
In this case...A telephone!!!!!

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Exactly!! tht's what even i was thinking!! Y doesn't anybody else see this??!!? Is everybody blind out here? They r saying 'the blind c what they hear'. so what r they 'seeing' here when the telephone starts ringing?? They c the telephone!!! So isn't this ad saying something and visually depicting just the opposite??? Aw c'mon people!!

I think a better line would be "Help the blind c what they hear".

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