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April 2009
Peugeot:  Town


Print advertisement created by The Furnace, Australia for Peugeot, within the category: Automotive.


Peugeot 407
With 3D sat nav technology

Advertising Agency: The Furnace, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rob Martin Murphy
Head of Art: Paul Fenton
Art Director / Copywriter: Paul Fenton, Luke Duggan
Photographer: Stock, Marcus Thyer
Retoucher: Cave, Cream
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Guest's picture

great ideat! i love it

everartz's picture

whats the idea here, i dont get it, all i see is a very busy image...

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Art Director |

| everartz |

Guest's picture

Well, although the world already is 3D they try to show it in even more 3D...not too brilliant in my opinion.

Sehba's picture

it caught my attention i like da idea...execution is yes..busy.

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Graphic Designer
morse's picture

I'm not quite sure what they are selling exactly, but the visual is great. Makes me interested in the product.

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Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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i think that's called infinity view, is a new 3d representation so u don't lost the city view bc of the horizont... i stumble w/ sumthing like that on Gizmodo some time ago...

sirvan's picture

I really WANT to like this... but, like the other peeps above, I really don't know what it's *supposed* to mean. Shame.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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satelitte navigation technology scans the world from satellite's orbitting space and transfers the image to your device like GPS module. GPS device shows the bird view image of the streets to us.
this ad shows us how peugeot satnav can cearly show us the detailed street's terrain as the bird eye live view of the streets.

tridipnandi's picture

good one ...liked it..

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Art Director at Lowe Lintas
Guest's picture

great ideat! i love it

Blashyrkh's picture

It's about 3D Navigation maps, and you see the street view in picture not as normally we see. At least this is what I got....correct me..:-p
Poor art direction IMO, cold have been better.

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Art Director
Guest's picture

very literal

Wordnerd's picture

hm. everything done right, still not working right. doesn't give me the impression of freedom - looks rather like impossible to move on

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macluvin's picture

i think the art direction is pretty clear to me. you can see/plan your routes ahead of you, beyond what you see in the horizon.

the only think i would try make clearer is showing that you're going towards it and not away from it.

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Art Director
Blashyrkh's picture

Street view from satellite is ok, is just the other attached image and it's perspective that disturbs me, like lack of oxygen.

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Art Director
mpared's picture

i think they are really cool!! lovely art direction

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Planner at Bold Ogilvy and Mather |

NatalieM's picture

This is a pretty awesome way to sell a car's navigation system. It's different!

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Topolewski |


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seen much better stuff for this prop. 4/10

hero china's picture

very good~I liked it~

hero china
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Art Director at beijing lintas
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Copywriter |

Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

Chopper's picture

I would have colored the way to go.

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Guest's picture smart..turn new page after crossing the whole city..exploring new landscapes..

Emran Hayat's picture

brilliant idea

Emran Hayat
Activity Score 832
Art Director at IAL Saatchi & Saatchi |

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

Osama Nofal's picture

I like it & get it immediately.. well done

Peugeot goes rebranding!!

Osama Nofal
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Graphic Designer at Design Executive Officer at Emarat Misr Petroleum Products |

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