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I think these are just fake!

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idea is strong.... i like it... but as said b4... art direction cud be better... all the best :)

parry bedi
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keep rulin' :)

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I really like it - apparently I'm in the minority!

Yes, art direction could be better to facilitate the 'F to E' idea.

And hopefully it's accurate (Florence to Prague = 1300km)

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good idea that perhaps with a nicer art could have been much better

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I like the idea and the art direction. but instead of F to E, I would have used A to B, then the idea would be a lot more clearer. Amsterdam, milano, paris, zagreB. Ps. I know that the geographic order isn't right.

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Forsbergs Skola
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So, your solution doesn't work then...

Nike Diesel
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It is so simple and the message is so clear, it doesn't look like an advertising :-)

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Nice idea! Art can be pushed.

It's easy for ad people to get because we look for that "thing". But it might take a bit more time for non-ad people to get it with this art.

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