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February 2010
Penguin:  Tokyo


Print advertisement created by DDB, Hong Kong for Penguin, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: DDB Hong Kong
Executive Creative Director: Jeffry Gamble
Creative Directors: Paul Chan
Copywriters: Paul Chan, Jay Lee
Art Directors: O' Poon, Fei Leung
Photographer: Steve Wong
Retoucher: Bon Leung
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xcreativity's picture

some copy would be better in my opinion

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Alexandre Brito
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hufflepoff's picture

Yeah bit lost without copy. Its like you're waiting for the pay off line

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Art Director at shwing
roel_bogers's picture

The others from this serie do need a pay off line.
But this one doesn't... very, very strong! The visual is amazing and is the message itself. Peace and silence.
What you see here is that famous crossing in Tokyo where hunderds of people cross the steert at any given time. But this time there is not a soul in sight, awesome!

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Bestpoint Productions
talkingisfree's picture

No copy needed!

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miko1aj's picture

of course – NO COPY here. It's great; both – insight and execution.

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raghavendra's picture

this ad is ambiguous in meaning...copy definitely required

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Carlos Garcia's picture

Copy would have made it a lot better.

Carlos Garcia
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Imagepro's picture

At least something.. I don't know what's he reading, I don't recognize the logo or brand. Therefore I don't get the point. Besides, the silence... A web address would fit great with the logo.

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Art Director
silvi's picture

not original

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alejulimaty's picture

you don´t need a copy to understand that when you read there´s nobody out there, there´s no noice.

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brother buenos aires
Direstion's picture

and the copy is the book itself

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archiwan's picture

can someone tell me what Penguin Tokyo means? i thought this ad is selling Toyota or Tower Records...?nope?

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hermotsura's picture

archiwan, you're missing the point, mate. the figure is the key component of the picture. That, and the empty streets. i think it's pretty clear

in my opinion, however, the idea's pretty trite. yeah yeah, on books & escapes... blah blah blah

i like the manipulation work on the photo, but it's kind of the same thing with different backgrounds. you see one, you'v e seen them all... besides, all three people are standing. why? i don't see a reason why the girl with the backpack is not sitting on a curb or something. or one of the guys on a bench/steps. i guess the idea is that those books are so magnetic and enchanting, that they just stop mid-stride. only, they're not walking and that's obviously not the idea. ok, maybe this one looks like he's almost walking, a bit of a stiffer but for the sake of argument, i can accept that. howeva, the other two fellas are pretty static.

to me these people kinda look like they're waiting for a friend and since they're mighty bored, they opened a book. 20 seconds later the friend comes and they return to their more interesting lives.

i like those, but there's nothing exceptional about them.

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In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... Come again?

Corbeen's picture

I agree.. If they were in the chair or something.. that would have been much better. I hate that they are standing. maybe even laying on the street would be enough..

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mrckais's picture

i think it needs a good copy because there are so many steps to get the idea

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brandingworthspreading's picture

No need for a copy!!!! Do you know what penguin is?

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Eri M's picture

Escape into a book. Really nice, no need for copy at all.

Eri M
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