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too vague and long-winded.

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I like the reversal device in these ads. Nice idea. The art direction doesn't help further that idea though. Why the children's style illustration? Is that to show the naivety of the idea? If so, then why the distressed type? (which is very 90's and dated BTW) Too many different directions going on in the art direction. Simplify the art direction and the idea will be much stronger.

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This is really bad idea, with this client you can find other concepts and execution much better, what is this? who is the person that choose this pieces, please i want to see good ads.

Your Nightmare
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To recognise the good ads we need to see bad ads. That's the whole point of such a forum.

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I agree. I'm pretty sure this is student work, why don't your try discussing what works and what doesn't in the ads? Instead of just saying this good or this is shit.

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that's not a single ad that everyone loves.

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the concept is nice... could've been better

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Say whaa?

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== Bring back fags, lard and the biff.

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