Airplane Mode

October 2017
Pegasus Airlines: Airplane Mode
Pegasus Airlines Print Ad - Airplane Mode


Print advertisement created by Ankara University, Turkey for Pegasus Airlines, within the category: Transport.


If you are travelling mode
Pegasus Airlines

Advertising School: Ankara University, Cankaya/Ankara, Turkey
Art Director / Copywriter: Melik Ocaklı
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toshibasupport's picture

I read more about the news and according to the pilots; The plane made a routine landing and the captain passed the control to the co-pilot to taxi, but the right engine suddenly started providing thrust and that made the plane go left and off the runway. Also, the right engine (which gave the thrust) separated from the wing and was found in the sea. I believe its either mechanic error or probably pilot error. (Btw if anyone is wondering the plane was 5 years old)

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