Real gift, 1

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March 2015
Pátio Norte Shopping:  Real gift, 1


Print advertisement created by Sniper, Brazil for Pátio Norte Shopping, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Sniper, São Luís, Brazil
Creative Director: Tércio Alves
Art Directors: Bruno Cardoso, Tércio Alves
Copywriters: Victor Alves, Tércio Alves
Illustrator: ícarus CI
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nice art, only

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I like.

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Ogilvi Himself
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Copywriter |

Молчать и слушать!

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I like the concept and how it was delivered. Here in Brazil every malls advertising must have a family smiling...meeh

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nice art, only

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The concept behind the collection of these advertisements is actually really interesting. When we go shopping, the majority of the time we are looking for purchases for ourselves. The concept behind these ads promotes giving the gift of materiality, fun, food, and entertainment. When I go to a mall, I certainly don’t really pay attention to the advertisements located within the mall, because in all reality, I pay attention to specific locations and stores within it. The use of bright color, and recognizable items to promote Patio Norte is exciting and enticing. The subject matter being a pair of jeans to promote gift shopping promotes giving. Popcorn for cinema, a burger for dining, and a merry-go-round for fun for the kids are all focal points within any family mall I’ve ever been to. In all honesty, I think this ad campaign uses recognizable subjects to appeal to the masses. Definitely one of my favorites I’ve seen for any mall.

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