Paradox, 3

January 2008
 Paradox, 3
 Paradox, 3

The barber of Sevile shaves all men of Sevile, except the ones who shave themselves. Who shaves the barber of Sevile?
Againts headache. Thomapyrin

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Duesseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Felix Glauner
Creative Directors: Torsten Pollmann
Art Directors: Joerg Sachtleben, Desiree Rose
Copywriter: Torsten Pollmann
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stateoftheart's picture

Great ad for razorblades.

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michelangelo_of_ad's picture

I so agree! :-)

He [Michelangelo] himself claimed to speak to no one, to "have no friends, and don't want any." -(

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"The creative person wants to be a know-it-all. He wants to know about all kinds of things: ancient history, nineteenth-century mathematics, current manufacturing techniques, flower arranging, and hog futures..."- Carl Ally, ad exec

whitespace's picture

The barbers shave each other or themselves. Was that so hard to figure out?

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Creative Director
Cron187's picture

You're wrong. It's a trick question. The barber of Sevile is a woman.

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whitespace's picture

Ever seen Sinead O'Connor or Britney Spears?

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Creative Director
ginevra's picture

somebody please correct the spelling error in the text beneath the ad its "against" not "againts"....and for the ad.....what the....

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Ravages's picture

High school (not-so-clever) lines don't translate well into ads.

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Eightball's picture

I never got any headache caused by "to much thinking" . Sorry. In my opinion to forced.

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Marketing Manager
minx0r's picture

its ok Eightballs.


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Egypt |

Drink my tears from a spoon and feel the river of emotion.

Fabian Kirner's picture

Well, I guess here are too many people talking/writing Bullshit. I think I need a Thomapyrin.
Great stuff! Great lines! Great thinking!

Fabian Kirner
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Creative Director
FlyingDogs's picture

Love this. It's entertaining enough for me.

@ Eightball: I think you've taken it too literally. Cheers.

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Saltsea's picture


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Creative Director
sold's picture

totally agree with Eightball: i never got any headache caused by "to much thinking".
and that question dont make even thinking hard to find a answer (or more answers)

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nice gaijin's picture

What a sad interpretation of Bertrand Russel's paradox. The Question mark/arrow seems to point to the apparent plausible "answer," but does not hint towards the underlying logical impossibility because of the poor way in which it's been written.

And where is "Sevile?" Did they mean Seville? Is this an acceptable spelling?

nice gaijin
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Margaret Gay's picture

Silly advert!

Margaret Gay
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Marketing Officer
Tomzwarts's picture

I think the vodafone execution about zebra black of white? what was first egg of chicken? fits more with this brand,
and this execution fit's nothing.

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Art Director
yonkironic's picture

dazzling ad, though

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Graphic Designer at graphic designer
LisAD's picture

he could be one of the men who shave themselves.
that's where the riddle fails!

cute thought though...

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Art Director |

"the art director says: whatever I say"

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