Exam Season

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May 2017
Papyrus: Exam Season
Papyrus: Exam Season
Papyrus Print Ad - Exam Season
Papyrus Print Ad - Exam Season


Exam season shouldn’t be a matter of life or death. TBWA\Manchester is working with national young suicide prevention charity PAPYRUS to remind students that it’s OK to seek help with stress.

Print advertisement created by TBWA, United Kingdom for Papyrus, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Manchester, UK
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Thank you for making this. I heard a lot about people crying for suicide and not much people taking it seriously. Which is what's wrong with the world right now. People who need real help get outshine by the faker (fake-depressed for attention, include suicide). And people who never know how dark times in life felt like often tell 'it is all in your head cheer up' doesn't help because they cannot differ which one really needs help- that to some people in pressure, it really no way out beside ending. And people like that (sjw) is the one who often say that by making ads so blatant about suicide might be offensive or blah blah blah.

But I agree with you. You gotta talk about suicide open. I was a former suicidal back when I was young, and I needed people who speak about Suicide so loud so I knew I was not alone and there was help for me. No longer signalling suicide help with vague clues. Just say it, say it out loud. Suicide, here, there're lots of organisation and people who can help you out. Things like that.

This is serious issue and I think it's well done. I love you guys. I hope you're making impact to those who needed!! <3

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