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April 2012
Panasonic:  Pig


Print advertisement created by G2, Brazil for Panasonic, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Panasonic Flat Technology. No rotating plate. More internal space.

Advertising Agency: G2 Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Silvério
Creative Director: Cristiane Albano
Art Director: Manuel Veiga
Copywriter: Felipe Ribeiro
Illustrator: Gelmi Estudio De Arte
Account Supervisors: Sérgio Brandão, Paula Macedo
Art Buyer: Soraya Borges
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SoCH_TO's picture

Very nice Illustration !!

Activity Score 970
Art Director |

Live with Passion

salil.sharma's picture

very funny
good idea

Activity Score 2548
Creative Director at India |

Designer Don't Do Different Things
They Do Things Differently

everartz's picture

lovely brazil... :)

Activity Score 7613
Art Director |

| everartz |

Blashyrkh's picture

No metal in the microwave, if you don't wanna blow up your kitchen.

Activity Score 32890
Art Director
chuckieT's picture

Why are they showing things spinning when they are saying there's no revolving plate? There are other ways to communicate space. This is a slightly muddled way to communicate the message.

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Felipe Ribeiro's picture


Felipe Ribeiro
Activity Score 40
Copywriter at G2 Brasil
anti-vedel's picture

Cool campaign!

Activity Score 90
Art Director at Tough Slate Design
dbor's picture

The dead pig never dances!

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Design Central's picture

Nice and smooth! it makes me feel good.

Design Central
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BernbachOnRoids's picture

I've waited my whole life to see a sexy little pink pig dance. DANCE LITTLE PIGGY, DANCE!
Yes that's right me your moves...mmmmmmmmm

Super duper 3D graphics, great use of space and colour and a nice idea!

But put all that aside. Why the hell is the little piggy spinning! WHY WHY WHY!
If there's no spinning tray I say again! Why is the little pink pig spinning?

Oh wait he's dancing! Oh, because he's got allot of space. DANCE LITTLE PIGGY, DANCE!

But lets be honest he is dance spinning. Not the type you do in the gym. The type makes you want to throw up on the guy next to you. But the super duper gay type. I have no testicles, i'm wearing stocking, don't judge me kind of spinning. Is this ad really saying that bacon is homosexual. Oh wait! That was the cow. This little piggy is actually a gangsta. Yes that's right I said it in street. GANGSTA! GANGSTA PIG! I actually met him once. He's producing a TV series. This is him in action. I taught him everything he knows.

Does this mean I'm all street? Lets just say I know some people who know some people who once lived on a street corner - for charity - for one night.

Plus you have to know people to score the ROIDS. BOOOOOOOOM! I said it. Yes I take the ROIDS. ME like.
ME not like this ad very much. Although he is dance spinning. Who can't like a dance spinning GANSTA PIG!

Activity Score 77
Felipe Ribeiro's picture

Hey Bernbach, the copy says "No reason to spin around anymore". Guess that answers your question! But great comment anyway! hahah

Felipe Ribeiro
Activity Score 40
Copywriter at G2 Brasil
iamcreative's picture


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weigehao126's picture

See the spring

Activity Score 37
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